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The titles of Heroes episodes usually have an insightful meaning into the events of that episode.

Title Interpretation
Genesis Refers to the first book of the Bible, and the introduction and opening storyline of each character.
Don't Look Back
One Giant Leap
Collision Literally, refers to Claire Bennet's car accident with Brody Mitchum, but could also be interpreted as regarding the collisions between various characters, Nathan Petrelli and Niki Sanders, Peter Petrelli and Future Hiro.
Hiros Refers to the prominence of Hiro Nakamura, both present with Nathan Petrelli, and future with Peter Petrelli, as well as his ongoing quest to be a hero.
Better Halves Refers to the relationship between Niki and Jessica, and Noah's deception in Claire's parentage.
Nothing to Hide Refers to all the characters keeping secrets: Claire from Lyle, Janice from Matt, and Peter and Nathan from Oliver Dennison.
Seven Minutes to Midnight Refers to the time on Chandra's watch after Sylar kills him.
Homecoming Refers to the events that take place at Homecoming, as well as Mohinder's ongoing storyline in India.
Six Months Ago Refers to the time in which the episode takes place.
Fallout Refers to the aftermath of (or fallout from) the events of Homecoming
Godsend Refers to Ando's interpretation of The Symbol.
The Fix
Distractions Refers to the detours from storylines that the characters take: Hiro with Kaito, Peter with Claude.