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Homecoming event.JPG
Claire prepares for the Union Wells Homecoming Dance

Date of event: October 10, 2006
Location: Odessa, TX

Tragic events occur at the Union Wells High School Homecoming game and dance.



Claire complains to Zach about her ability and various other problems, such as the Homecoming game being three weeks from that day.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Claire makes a banner at her home for the dance.


The day before Homecoming, Claire Bennet is voted Homecoming Queen by her the students at Union Wells High School. It turns out her friend Zach asked his friends to help her win. Later, her father grounds her from the game and dance. Unknown to Claire, he did so out of her protection from Sylar. Claire eventually sneaks out with the help of Zach.

At Union Wells, Sylar, mistaking her for Claire, attempts to take Jackie's brain in the locker room of the school while the rest of the school is at the halftime show. After leaving her dead body, he is confronted by Peter Petrelli who is dedicated to save the cheerleader. Sylar hurls locker doors at him, and they struggle to the top of the bleachers of Union Well's courtyard. Sylar and Peter fall off the bleachers onto the cement below. After Sylar flees, Peter mimics Claire's regeneration and comes back to life.


On the news, Angela Bromstad announces that Union Wells is re-opening two weeks after the homecoming dance.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

Elle comments to herself if she had to attend Homecoming next week, she might have to shoot herself.

It's Coming

While on the run from Flint and Knox, a powerless Peter tells Claire to go home so she can be safe. Claire refuses, stating that he once came to save her (referring to the night and Homecoming), and now she must return the favor.


Gretchen recalls hearing about the "cheerleader in Texas [who] gets her head sawed off at the Homecoming game".

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Noah is talking on the phone with Sandra and tells her that he wants to be at school for Claire's Homecoming. Noah informs Lauren that he wishes he could tell Sandra that he's missing Claire's Homecoming because he's trying to stop a serial killer.

The Midland Chronicle reports on the upcoming Homecoming events.

The UWHS cheerleaders practice for Homecoming.

Heroes Evolutions

Claire's MySpace

In Claire's fourth MySpace post, "Homecoming", Claire encourages everyone to come to Homecoming. She is worried that she won't have a date or even get voted as Homecoming Queen after everything that happened with Brody.

Zach’s MySpace

In Zach’s seventh MySpace post, “In the sunshine of your…”, Zach posts about things that are happening at Union Wells. He claims that people are still shocked at what happened to Brody, that Brody will be back for homecoming, and that he is not interested in Claire.

In Zach’s eighth MySpace post, “Come Home”, Zach posts about how homecoming is coming up and with everything that has happened to Brody, that Union Wells will probably not win. He encourages everyone to vote for homecoming queen.

In Zach’s ninth MySpace post, “Rumors”, Zach claims that rumors must be true that Jackie Wilcox was murdered at the homecoming game. Zach says that Union Wells will probably be closed for a while.


  • Union Wells has a number of events occurring the week of Homecoming. Monday is 70's Day. A Hawaiian Luau is scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday is Pajama Day, while Thursday is Nerd Day. Friday, Wildcat Pride Day, will have the Homecoming Parade at 1 pm, the Pep Rally at 2, Girl's Volleyball at 4, and the announcement of the Homecoming Court at 5. The Homecoming Game is scheduled for 7 pm. (Homecoming)
  • At the Homecoming game, the Union Wells Wildcats play against the San Antonio Roughnecks. (Once Upon a Time in Texas)


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