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William Strauss
Tracy's da bomb!
Nickname Will
Powers Freezing
Sex Male
Age 15
Favorite Heroes quote "Hello governor.... I'm back."
Favorite quote "Life and Death is real simple.... you just have to do what I tell you"
Favorite episode Strange Attractors
Favorite graphic novel Donna's Big Date, Part 1
Favorite Heroes actor Jack Coleman
Favorite Heroes actress Ali Larter
Favorite character Tracy Strauss
Noah Bennet
Emma Coolidge
Peter Petrelli
Least favorite character Mohinder Suresh .... just die
Favorite power Freezing

Yoh! William Strauss here! :) I'm gonna seriously contribute!

Top Ten Characters

1. Tracy Strauss The Ice Queen!!!

2. Noah Bennet The Man with the Horn Rimmed Glasses

3. Emma Coolidge She sees what we're all hearing...

4. Lydia I take my shirt off in every scene

5. Peter Petrelli He only wants to help

6. Gretchen Berg Back off West! Claire belongs to her!

7. Hiro Nakamura Yatta. Yatta indeed.

8. Niki Sanders MICAH! MICAH! MICAH!

9. Meredith Gordon Flame on!

10. Eric Doyle The freak with the puppets

Top Ten Characters who I don't like

1. Mohinder Suresh My father's research! Mohinder... he hated you.

2. Teddy I just hate him.

3. Sandra Bennet Seriously. Who loves their dog that much!?

4. Nathan Petrelli He forgot his other kids.

5. Emile Danko He locked up my Tracy!!!

6. Chandra Suresh He's just as bad as his kid

7. Adam Monroe He was great as Kensei.... just not as a super-villain.

8. Brian Davis Seriously......

9. Trevor Zeitlan C'mon...

10. Caleb I just got a weird vibe from him