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Brian Davis

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Brian Davis
Brian davis.jpg
Portrayed by David Berman
First appearance Six Months Ago
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis
Date of death April 2006
Home New York, NY

Brian Davis was an evolved human with the ability of telekinesis.

Character History

Six Months Ago

Gabriel Gray grabs a Post-it note with Brian's name and address off of one of Chandra Suresh's files and leaves with it. He calls Brian over to his shop where Brian demonstrates his telekinetic power. Brian asks if Gabriel can make his power go away, as he is worried he doesn't know whom he might hurt. Gabriel says Brian is broken and that he can fix it as an "evolutionary imperative", quoting Activating Evolution. Gray (as Sylar) then hits Brian over the head with a large crystal formation, ultimately killing him. It is unknown exactly what Gabriel does with Brian's body, or whether his brain is removed or not. However, Gabriel suddenly has the power of telekinesis after his altercation with Brian.


Gabriel Gray recalls killing Brian and is wracked with guilt, causing him to nearly kill himself.

Brian's name is on Gabriel's list.

An Invisible Thread

Brian appears in Sylar's memories as Matt Parkman reprograms Sylar's mind.

Evolved Human Abilities

Brian Davis has the ability to move things with his mind. He demonstrates this at Gray & Sons by moving a cup across a table without any physical contact. Davis has an uneasy relationship with his power — he is afraid of it, of what he might do with it, and wants it to go away.


  • According to Chandra Suresh's Post-it note, Brian lives at 14 Berman Street #3, New York, NY, 10003. This address does not exist in reality. It is interesting to note, however, that the street on which Davis lives is named "Berman", sharing a name with the actor who portrays Davis.
  • Brian Davis is not shown on the list, though David Berman is. However, Chandra did keep a Post-it note with Brian's name in his files.


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