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iStory:The Agent/chapter 401 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 1 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

Hired by what she believed to be a professional paramilitary organization, Rachel Mills finds herself in the middle of a secret war between the government and not-so-ordinary citizens. Rachel continues to encounter Jim, who is now a fellow agent, while working for this organization. She thinks Jim seems protective of her, but knows that Jim knows much more than he will admit to her.

It is now the end of the day, and Rachel feels empty and drained. She wishes to herself that Gibson was with her, then looks at the woman they captured. She notices that the woman is scared, and thinks that she should be. Rachel then recalls to herself how the day began.

Rachel's recollection begins with Rachel participating in a training exercise in a gutted office building surrounded by woods. The building has mold on the floor and water leaking in the walls. As Rachel gets close to her target, she holds her breath. Her target appears to be a short Asian guy, who wears glasses and baggy clothes, dirty from the chase. Rachel then moves into the shadows of a hallway.

While following her target, Rachel notes to herself that the agent training is brutal, intense, and bizarre. Rachel recalls being in shape in the Marines, but being part of this organization is a different experience. The trainees are taught a thousand ways to take down a target, wearing all sorts of protective gear and in odd conditions, often with various handicaps.

When the target stops briefly and scans the area, Rachel hides again before he can spot her. He kneels down and pulls a grill from the wall, and Rachel realizes they had found his stash. She then steps out from hiding and shoots him twice in the head.

The agent screams in pain, and says that one shot in the shoulder would have been fine. Rachel replies that doing that wouldn't be good practice, and then the other trainees start coming out of the woods. Her trainer, Moore, leads the trainees as they approacher her, and holds a stopwatch and clipboard. He tells Rachel that she broke the course record and the other trainees cheer and applaud.

Rachel notes that most of her fellow recruits were very competitive and hated her as of a few days ago, but that she has been turning around their opinions by being better than them. One trainee, Gibson, who was two years younger than her, tells Rachel that he could be out if he fails this test one more time. She replies that she will give him some tips to help him, but he says he just wants to hear about Iran again.

Pausing her recollection, Rachel notes that Gibson's eyes told her that he had never been out in the field. However, his eyes also made him the best shot in their training group. She guesses he thought he was just playing a video game and feels sorry for him. Rachel also notes that he should be standing next to her right now as she promised him, but that things didn't go as planned.

Continuing, Rachel recalls that they get a call about the plane crash. They are briefed that the plane carried federal detainees, and their instructions are to recon and contain them. The recruits then all pile into black-painted helicopters that immediately take off. Everyone is given live ammunition, and the trainees appear happy to get a reprieve from the deep-assessment training they had been getting for the last forty-eight hours.

When they land, Rachel is told to report to Danko for orders. She recognizes Danko's name--she had been compared to him in training, and they called him the Hunter: lethal, focused, instinctive. Rachel locates Danko when he is talking with Senator Petrelli and listens to their conversation. The senator is arguing with Danko that the detainees are going back into custody--that they are not assassins, but Danko says that the detainees should be killed. Danko also notes that the Senator's daughter turned the transport flight into a National security emergency.

While the arguing continues, Rachel turns her attention on the girl Danko pointed to. She notes her blond hair and that she appears to be a teenager. Rachel also notes the girl is scratched up and very upset. Several agents stand around the daughter, and her hands are tied behind her back. Then Rachel looks at the crater where the plane had been, and ponders what she is capable of.

Suddenly, Rachel feels a burst of air and another blond girl appears, and then both the new girl and the senator's daughter disappear. Next, Rachel hears people say that Claire has disappeared, and pieces together that Claire is the senator's daughter's name.

Shortly thereafter, Danko spots Rachel and approaches her while calling out her name. He tells Rachel to pick three men and follow the main search party. Danko adds that if that party gets into trouble, her squad is to ignore everything else and capture Claire by any means possible. Rachel asks what if they can't capture her, and he instructs her to shoot her in the back of the skull.

As Danko walks away, Gibson approaches Rachel and asks to be in her squad. Rachel tells him to stay close to her, and that he should keep his head down to stay okay. Following the main search party, they find a group of the escaped detainees including the senator's daughter next to the smashed tail of the plane. The agent in charge begins setting up an ambush with hand gestures when the fast girl stands up like she is going to take off. Gibson then starts shooting and hits the fast girl, sending her hard to the ground. Claire goes down also, and Gibson pauses a micro-second when she falls. The other agents continue shooting and shouting around him.

Before Rachel can realize it, another of the fugitives faces off with Gibson, and he turns and starts killing everyone around them. In a matter of seconds, everyone else but Rachel is dead and Gibson points the gun at her. Then Danko fires and kills Gibson. Claire begins moving again and Danko approaches her. Rachel thinks he is going to end her life, but instead he pulls out a tie and takes her prisoner.

Rachel pauses her recollection again, and looks down at the blond woman's face. The woman appears dirty, tired and terrified to Rachel, and Rachel notes to herself that now they just need to stop the rest before more good men die.

The player is then given the opportunity to try one of the assessment examinations that was given to Rachel Mills, and is instructed to respond in the way that best reflects the player's own style. The player is also told that there are no wrong answers, to assume that every choice results in success, and to keep score while answering questions.

Options (I)

Question 1 of 18:
You become trapped in a cramped space.

Option 1A:
Break out...
Option 1B:
Do not panic...
Add one point to ATTRIBUTE ONE. Add one point to ATTRIBUTE TWO.

Options (II)

Question 2 of 18:
At a meeting, someone asks you a difficult technical question in an attempt to embarrass you.

Option 2A:
Challenge him back...
Option 2B:
Answer correctly...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR.

Options (III)

Question 3 of 18:
Do you tend to:

Option 3A:
Avoid getting into trouble?...
Option 3B:
Overcome trouble?...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO.

Options (IV)

Question 4 of 18:

You wake up to discover that your bedroom is on fire. The exits are jammed. Would you be more likely to:
Option 4A:
Break through the door?...
Option 4B:
Notice another way out?...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE.

Options (V)

Question 5 of 18:
A co-worker is struggling with an electronic gadget. You immediately:

Option 5A:
Point out the error in his button sequence...
Option 5B:
Notice that the device is not plugged in...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE.

Options (VI)

Question 6 of 18:
You are chasing a suspect. He locks a door behind him. Fortunately, you are able to:

Option 6A:
Break down the door...
Option 6B:
Pick that kind of lock...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR.

Options (VII)

Question 7 of 18:
You are negotiating the purchase of an expensive scientific device. The seller describes a new feature and asks for additional money. Are you more likely to:

Option 7A:
Point out the technical weaknesses of the new feature?...
Option 7B:
Insist upon the original price?...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO.

Options (VIII)

Question 8 of 18:
You are sparring with a judo partner. You overcome him with a:

Option 8A:
Surprise throw...
Option 8B:
Powerful choke hold...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE.

Options (IX)

Question 9 of 18:
You are carrying your partner away from a car wreck. You:

Option 9A:
Don't notice the weight...
Option 9B:
Don't let the weight bother you...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO.

Options (X)

Question 10 of 18:
You discover an explosive device with ten seconds left on the timer. Fortunately, you:

Option 10A:
Remember a reinforced wall that can protect you...
Option 10B:
Know how to disable this type of detonator...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR.

Options (XI)

Question 11 of 18:
A guard spots you and demands a password. You:

Option 11A:
Knock him out easily...
Option 11B:
Know the password...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR.

Options (XII)

Question 12 of 18:
One of your interrogators lays a gun menacingly on the table. But you:

Option 12A:
Notice that it is not loaded...
Option 12B:
Show no sign of fear...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO.

Options (XIII)

Question 13 of 18:
You fall ill during a wilderness mission. You:

Option 13A:
Can tough it out...
Option 13B:
Know how to make an herbal remedy from local plant life...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR.

Options (XIV)

Question 14 of 18:
You get home from a field assignment and realize that you:

Option 14A:
Forgot to turn in your after-action report...
Option 14B:
Made an error in your after-action report...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE.

Options (XV)

Question 15 of 18:
A would-be mugger starts toward you, but then changes his mind and walks away. He was likely:

Option 15A:
Intimidated by your stare...
Option 15B:
Intimidated by your physical toughness...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE.

Options (XVI)

Question 16 of 18:
While running through the dark warehouse, your backpack becomes stuck on something. Quickly, you are able to:

Option 16A:
Figure out what...
Option 16B:
Yank it free...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE.

Options (XVII)

Question 17 of 18:
The computer containing secret files has an elaborate security system and guards are closing in. You decide to:

Option 17A:
Hack it quickly...
Option 17B:
Carry the computer out of the building...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE FOUR. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE ONE.

Options (XVIII)

Question 18 of 18:
An attractive co-worker greets you by name and asks if you remember theirs. You don't. But you:

Option 18A:
Remain confident and continue the conversation...
Option 18B:
Notice their name on a document under their arm...
Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE TWO. Add 1 point to ATTRIBUTE THREE.

All cases (II)

After completing the eighteen questions, the player is directed to the scoring page and given the following instructions:

1) Add up your score for each Attribute.

2) Rank your Attributes from highest to lowest. In case of a tie, you may try both and choose which seems most appropriate.

Options (XIX)

The player is then directed to select the highest scoring attribute in terms of letters (ATTRIBUTE ONE = A, ATTRIBUTE TWO = B, ATTRIBUTE THREE = C, ATTRIBUTE FOUR = D), and subsequently select from one of four options, which are printed as four-letter combinations that start with that highest ranking attribute to the lowest ranking.


  • Although there are no right or wrong answers to the exam, choosing options that lead to a highest to lowest ranking of BCAD (Option 19B.3) results in the player being notified of the score being similar to that of Rachel Mills.


  • In the original version of Chapter 401, released February 10, 2009, the chapter ended with the following prompt:

Coming Up Next

Friday: Check back for a try at one of Rachel's assessment exams. How do you compare to Rachel Mills?

Next week: Rachel is given a special assignment by the Hunter ... and meets her nemesis.

  • On Friday, February 13, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 401 continued with the player being given the opportunity to try one of the assessment exams Rachel Mills took.

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