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iStory:The Agent/chapter 408 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 8 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

After Anna tells Rachel that her plan to get the detonator is not really okay with her, Anna pulls Rachel aside. Anna tells Rachel that maybe Rachel was right, that they should just take Abe away and that the others will be released eventually. Rachel responds that there is another problem, that agents have seen them. Anna replies that she has been seen before, and REBEL makes it go away. Rachel then comments that it is easy to remove Anna from the records, but if Rachel disappears it will raise eyebrows as they are currently running the description of a double agent.

Rachel reads Anna's expression, and notes that Anna is wondering if Rachel is going to kill the fugitives. She continues that Rachel killed her own partner to hide her ability, and it would be easy to just wait three minutes and warn her commander so that he blows them up and preserves her secret. Rachel adds that no one would think to blame her for Jason's death after that, and asks again if that is what Anna is thinking. However, Anna just responds by throwing her arms around Rachel and telling her to come back to them.

With two minutes left before the fugitives move out, Rachel teleports herself back down outside the building and finds herself standing around the corner from the SWAT teams. She hears people talking, loading their guns, and applying their body armor, and realizes they are ready to proceed. Rachel walks around the corner and searches for the site commander, Commander Klassen. She notes to herself that Klassen is one of Danko's most trusted lieutenants, and recalls how he has been trying not to act smug since they arrived. Rachel thinks his act is strange since a lot of agents have been getting killed in operations like this, then realizes he knows he is going to kill the fugitives.

An agent beside Rachel asks her if she is ready for some payback for Jason, and Rachel says she is. Rachel then watches Klassen twirl a finger in the air, and the squad leaders begin calling out orders. Then, in one large mass, the SWAT teams head towards the target building. Rachel stays in one place, waiting for Commander Klassen.

At the one minute mark, Rachel spots the commander bringing up the rear with two aides carrying laptops and radios. She notes to herself that they should be in a field ops van, but Klassen decided he wants to go on foot. Rachel also thinks that though the troops think what is doing is for show, he actually wants to be on the ground so he can slip away and observe the supposedly "non-functional" fire escape.

Options (I)

When the commander spots Rachel and asks why she isn't with B Team, the player gets to choose how Rachel responds.

All cases (II)

Sometime later, Rachel recalls something happened to her in the air, and notes that it feels like she left part of herself up in the sky. She remembers feeling the concussion of the explosion, even as the ground materialized under her feet. For a moment, it felt to her as if she had a foot in both spots, and she landed a different person with a new life. Rachel also notes that it hurt a lot, and that she screamed over and over. Then, hands grabbed her and a diesel engine roared.

Now, as Rachel still recovers from the shock of the explosion, she finds herself in the back of the truck. She is standing, holding herself up and watching the highway slip past. The faces of dead agents, some license plates, and road signs flash into Rachel's head as she focuses and turns around. The fugitives she helped rescue are all staring at Rachel in silence, and Rachel finds it a bit creepy. She asks them if she left part of her face on the side of the building, and Anna laughs. Most of the others smile and look down, but a few continue staring.

Rachel reflects on what happened again, then asks Anna who is driving the truck. Anna replies that it is a friend, and that she will introduce the person to her when they stop. Then, Anna's cell phone beeps with a message from REBEL. Anna notes who its from, and takes a long time reading it. Rachel asks what is up and Anna responds only by wordlessly handing her the phone.

Looking at the phone, Rachel sees a huge list containing cries for help from fugitives in trouble. The message also contains status reports, email addresses, and links to websites. Rachel asks what is happening, and Anna responds that Ellen is in trouble. Rachel then comments that Anna needs to introduce her to Ellen someday, and Anna says they need to introduce a lot of people to Ellen.

Then, Rachel's cell phone buzzes with a text from Danko. Rachel reads the message, which asks her to report to him immediately. Anna, having taken back her own phone, says that REBEL pointed her to a person at a nearby circus that should be their priority. Rachel absently replies that she hates circuses, and Anna asks if something is wrong. Rachel responds that there is something she needs to take care of first.

Coming Soon on iStory

Rachel faces Danko in Building 26, prepared for the worst.

But Danko will still find a way to surprise her...


  • Option 1C is confirmed by the story to be what actually happens, and also appears to be the optimal path where Rachel uses the bomb to stop some of the agents from pursuing the fugitives and allowing their escape. It is also possible that Rachel could teleport out safely in this option, whereas the other two options have Rachel get shot or the fugitives killed.
  • The final page of this chapter again has a flash image of Rachel's desk. In this chapter, the spilled over pill bottles are still there but the photos on the desk have been changed to those of Danko and Claire. On Friday, April 3, 2009, the phone began ringing again to coincide with the conclusion of the chapter that was added.


  • In the original version of chapter 408, released March 31, 2009, the chapter ended with Rachel pressing the detonator button and closing her eyes, and then the following prompt:

Coming Soon

The government's war on specials escalates. Dozens of fugitives are in trouble. How can REBEL keep up?

  • On Friday, April 3, 2009, the prompt was removed and chapter 408 continued with Rachel materializing next to the diesel truck the fugitives are using to escape.

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