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Agent Jenkins

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Agent Jenkins
Agent Jenkins.jpg
Portrayed by Kevin Alejandro
First appearance Into Asylum
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Home Washington, DC
Occupation Agent of Homeland Security
Significant other Corinne

Agent Jenkins leads the team that attempts to capture James Martin in Arlington, VA.

Character History

Into Asylum

Agent Jenkins checks in with Danko back at Building 26 and shakes his hand, praising him on his inspirational speech. Danko's phone rings on top of a cardboard box, and after answering it to find that it's Sylar, he excuses Jenkins. Sylar tells Danko that he found another body, and to look in the box. Danko opens the box to find the severed head of Agent Jenkins; Sylar reveals that James Martin is a shape shifter, and has altered his appearance to that of Agent Jenkins. Danko looks up to see James Martin, as Jenkins, leaving the office, and Danko and several men go running after him.

Graphic Novel:Cog

Agent Jenkins wakes up in his untidy bed at 4:45am to the sound of Danko ordering him to report for duty. Jenkins looks at his received text messages, which include more messages from Danko and several from his girlfriend, Corinne, who has been trying to reach him for several hours. As Jenkins walks on the street, he realizes he has a few missed calls and that he hasn't shaved in a while. Suddenly, a young boy screams from a window where a kidnapping is taking place. Jenkins intervenes, and, pretty soon, the police take care of the situation. Jenkins continues getting missed calls from Corinne as he reports to Danko, shaves at his home, talks with his mother about how busy he is, and reports to the briefing room. Danko talks about an aggressive target with an unknown ability and how he must be stopped within the hour. As Jenkins gets ready for the mission, he talks to Corinne through text messages and tells her that he has one more thing to do before he can be with her again. Upon arriving at the target's house, the target, James Martin, surprises Jenkins and touches his face in order to shape shift into him, replacing him as head of the team.


  • According to IMDb, Agent Jenkins is a sergeant. This information has not been verified.

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