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iStory:The Private/chapter 304 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 4 of The Private.

Options (I)

Option 1A
(explosion case)
Option 1B
(ward case [Official case])
Option 1C
(cells case)
Rachel chooses to prepare the explosives and blow up the large chemical vat she found. Returning to the chemical vat, Rachel realizes that blowing up the vat will likely kill everyone inside. However, Rachel decides that the people there are just an enemy that isn't dressed for the part so she arms the explosives, throws them next to the tank and flees the building. Outside, she finds armed men piling out of trucks but doesn't see Jim. Gunshots spray dirt into the air around Rachel, and then the explosives go off inside the building.

The interviewer then stops Rachel from continuing her story, saying that should be enough.

Rachel chooses to investigate weird moaning that is coming from the medical ward. On a far table, under a dim construction light, Rachel spots a vaguely female shape laying in a tangle of wires and tubes. She appears to be about Rachel's age, light-skinned, but Rachel cannot tell her nationality.

As Rachel gets closer, she can see that her "table" is a tray, half-full of a blue-ish chemical that is being pumped in through a tube like a garden hose. Her arms and legs were swollen, bulging, as if full of liquid. The girl has IVs in both arms with her eyes half-open. Rachel notes that she seems unconscious, and then pauses her story to calm herself from the fresh memories.

The interviewer asks Rachel what happened next, and Rachel says that she tried to free her. He asks again what happened and she continues that the girl attacked her. The interviewer notes that her reaction was not what she expected. Rachel responds that she thinks the girl was just afraid, but whatever the facility was doing to her made her powerful. The interviewer notes that Rachel did survive. Rachel replies that the girl would have killed her, but the men outside came into the ward and the girl turned on them. When that happened, Rachel took the opportunity to run away.

After a moment of silence, the interviewer says that is enough for their needs. Rachel questions why they are stopping, noting she hasn't told him how she escaped.

Rachel chooses to open the cells where the facility is storing the people they experiment on.

The interview then stops Rachel from continuing her story, looking curiously at Rachel. He notes to Rachel that she had attackers outside and begins to describe the things in cages. Rachel interrupts that those things were humans, and he replies that they sound like they were changed. The interviewer then asks Rachel where she thought they would go, and Rachel replies that it didn't matter to her--that all she could think about were people in cages that needed help.

The interviewer says that is very interesting, almost leaning over the desk at her. He asks Rachel to continue, and she does so. Rachel notes that the prisoners were different now, perhaps crazy, perhaps just afraid, or perhaps a result of what had been done to them. Rachel notes that when she released them, they attacked her and each other. Rachel pauses, noting to herself that the memories are raw and nightmarish, then continues saying that she ran away. The interviewer asks Rachel if she would do the same thing again. Rachel says no, adding that what happened next was horrible. She confirms to the interview that she would likely have left them in their cages, and he tells her he thinks that's enough. Rachel replies that she hasn't even told him how she escaped, and the interviewer flips open a notepad.

All cases (I)

The interviewer then continues Rachel's story for her, thumbing through his notes. He says Rachel found Jim on the hill, and then they made their way toward the border. However, on the way, they were met by a helicopter hired by Jim's employer.

Rachel questions how the interviewer knows that, noting that information wasn't in the official account. The interviewer replies that it certainly wasn't in the account, as officially they crossed the Iraq-Iran border, attacked an Iranian army convoy and were captured. This caused a stir in the local media, and the U.S. government demoted Rachel to Private, punishing her to hush the situation. Rachel responds that the real story is crazy, but they have to believe her, and the interviewer says that they do. Just then, Jim walks through the door and says hello.

As the memories of what happened in Iran come flooding back to Rachel, she asks Jim if he was working for these guys. Jim replies that he wasn't, and that he just started. Jim continues that he told them their story, and they were very interested.

Options (II)

The player is then presented with different options on questioning Jim.

All cases (II)

The interviewer notes to Rachel that she had an unusual experience in the Middle East that may prove valuable in the days ahead. Rachel responds that his comment is very generous, and that most people just call her a liar. Rachel also asks if she got the job, but the interviewer doesn't respond. After finishing setting up a camera facing a blank wall, he asks Rachel how she explains what she encountered in the facility in Iran.

Options (III)

Option 3A: If Rachel heard about gasoline additives... Option 3B: Otherwise...
Rachel says that evil people do evil things, like shooting up schools, stealing, raping people and injecting innocent people with gasoline additives. She continues that during her military service, she saw a few varieties of bad guys and that you just have to fight them how you can. The interviewer then asks who do fight when evil just happens, and Rachel asks what he is getting at. He doesn't reply to her question, but says he would like her to join their team. Rachel says she can't explain it. The interviewer says that is good, and asks if that bothers her. Rachel replies that she looks back and all she has is questions. He responds that his organization is going to help her, and says they would like her to join their team.

All cases (IV)

Rachel congratulates herself on making the team, not realizing how much she needed that. The interviewer then notes that training starts in twenty minutes, surprising her. He adds that she needs to make any desired calls now as she will be unreachable until after her first mission. She asks when that mission will begin, and he says in a number of days. He then directs Rachel to stand in front of the camera and repeat after him.

Rachel thinks now that this is when her new war began.


  • Using Option 1B is specified as the official storyline, and it allows Rachel to discover and rescue a captive girl. Having followed the optimal cases from previous chapters, Rachel should also choose Option 2A.1A and Option 3B. Option 2A.1A allows Rachel to learn that Jim knows something about Rachel's file that was in the facility, but refuses to tell her informing her of the danger of discussing it around their new employers. She also learns that Jim's employer, Jeremy Woo, was killed by terrorists in a dam explosion, and allows the player to realize that Jim is the Primatech contractor that was featured in the previous iStory, Friend or Foe. It also confirmed for the player that the ending of Friend or Foe was one in which the contractor was tied up by the Kill Squad and left to watch the dam get destroyed. Option 3A would have required Rachel to kill the moaning girl by removing the tube attached to her instead of the IVs, but the official storyline for that chapter is that Rachel frees her by detaching the IVs. Going with Option 3B also appears to get the interviewer more on Rachel's side, as he tells her that their organization is going to help her get some answers only in that option.

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