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Money launderer's office

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Money launderer's office
Money launderer's office.JPG
Location: Nevada
Purpose: Money laundering

Jessica Sanders visits a money launderer's office in order to covertly disguise that she and D.L.'s crew have stolen Linderman's money from his sports book in Primm, Nevada.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

After stealing $2 million from Mr. Linderman's sports book, Jessica visits a money launderer at his office. She asks him how long it will take to launder the money; when he replies six months, Jessica threatens him. He ups his laundering time requirement to twelve months.


  • The identity of the money launderer is currently unknown. However, presuming it is a member of the poker game, the money launderer is most likely Ernie (the man with the gun).
  • D.L. says he is going to visit the money launderer when he heads to a Las Vegas warehouse (Better Halves). It is likely that the money launderer's office and the warehouse are located in the same facility.


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