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James Martin

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James Martin
James Martin.jpg
Portrayed by Bill Hooper,
Kevin Alejandro (as Agent Jenkins),
Manuel Urrego (as a janitor),
Željko Ivanek (as Emile Danko),
Zachary Quinto (as Sylar)
First appearance Into Asylum
In-story stats
Known ability Shape shifting
Aliases Agent Jenkins,
Emile Danko,
Nickname Jim Martin
Age 32
Residence James Martin's home
Occupation High school geometry teacher

James Martin was an evolved human with the ability of shape shifting.

Character History

Into Asylum

In a house in Arlington, Virginia lie the dead bodies of three agents. A team examine the scene of crime, while Noah checks over the corpses. Danko asks a nearby agent, Jenkins, what happened, and he explains that he and three other agents came there to apprehend James Martin. He watched the hallway while the other three went in, but heard three gunshots, and rushed in to find them dead. Jenkins also says that he didn't see anyone, and then throws up, apologizing. Danko sends him back to headquarters to get cleaned up.

After Jenkins leaves, Noah, examining the bodies, asks why they were after James Martin; Danko says that he set off the "red flag", and that his DNA was in the national database. He also says that they didn't know what his ability was.

Agent Jenkins checks in with Danko back at Building 26 and shakes his hand, praising him on his inspirational speech. Danko's phone rings on top of a cardboard box, and after answering it to find that it's Sylar, he excuses Jenkins. Sylar tells Danko that he found another body, and to look in the box. Danko opens the box to find the severed head of Agent Jenkins; Sylar reveals that James Martin is a shape shifter, and has altered his appearance to that of Agent Jenkins. Danko looks up to see James Martin, as Jenkins, leaving the office, and Danko and several men go running after him. In the northeast corner of the parking lot of Building 26, Martin continues walking until Danko shoots at him, at which point he starts running. Downstairs, he bumps into a janitor. Still running, Martin groans in pain as his skin shifts and molds, before his appearance changes into that of the janitor. Right behind him, Danko and his men bump into the real janitor and take him in, but still continue their chase. Martin, as the janitor, rushes out of an emergency exit, with Danko and his men just behind him. Outside, it's a crowded street, raining and dark; he could be anywhere.

Sylar walks into James Martin's home, and finds Danko waiting for him. Danko tells him that he's pretty predictable; he came back because he wanted James Martin's ability.

In the apartment, Sylar and Danko go through James Martin's stuff to help find clues as to where he is and what he's doing. Sylar says that Danko is a "shape shifter" too, in that he has nothing in his home that defines him. In Martin's closet, Sylar finds outfits for a lawyer, a doctor, and a priest, among others, and concludes that these are the costumes of men in positions of power. They also find a small stack of pictures, all of different men with attractive women, and work out that all the men in the photographs are James Martin: he is trying to use his ability to look for love. After further searching, Sylar and Danko both find matchboxes from a nightclub called Garden of Eden and realize that this is Martin's regular haunt.

Down at the Garden of Eden, Sylar and Danko look around the crowd for Martin before Sylar spots him, sitting with a woman, disguised as Danko. Danko doesn't understand why Martin would pretend to be him, so Sylar explains that it's because Danko fits the pattern--a man of power and authority. While embracing the woman, Martin sees the real Danko through the crowd and runs.

In the club, Danko finds Sylar and tells him that he's lost track of Martin. Slightly confused, Sylar says that he has, too. Danko concludes that Martin must be gone "for good" and that they should leave. Danko walks out the door and Sylar follows right behind, then suddenly pulls a gun from his pocket and aims for Danko's head. A trigger goes off, but it's Danko, who has turned around and shot James Martin posing as Sylar. The real Sylar walks in, shocked that Danko has killed Martin, but Danko corrects him, saying that Martin is still alive, and so Sylar can still take his ability, though Danko requests that he does it without leaving any marks. Sylar grins, shuts the door and leans over as Martin whimpers in fear.

Noah walks down a street to meet up with Danko, who is kneeling down over a body bag. Noah bends down and opens the bag to see that it's Sylar. When Danko walks away, Noah checks the back of Sylar's head and sees that a knife is shoved in it. A woman walks up behind Noah, asking him if he is okay, and zipping up the body bag.

Graphic Novel:Cog

Danko talks about an aggressive target with an unknown ability and how he must be stopped within the hour. Jenkins is chosen to do the mission. Upon arriving at the target's house, the target, James Martin, surprises Jenkins and touches his face in order to shape shift into him, replacing him as head of the team. When the other men arrive, James, still disguised as Jenkins, sends them into a room and proceeds to kill them, as Jenkins's retirement letter lies on the floor.

Turn and Face the Strange

At Building 26, Noah examines "Sylar's" dead body. Danko enters and assures him that Sylar is dead. Noah asks how he pulled it off, and Danko says it was a four-inch pocket blade, replaced by a six-inch metal spike at the base of the skull. Noah says that metal is better than glass: a glass shard placed in Sylar's brain melted in the Primatech fire. Danko says it's funny how quickly he was able to find and kill Sylar, and suggests that perhaps Bennet didn't want to catch Sylar after all. Noah suggests that maybe Danko is better than he.

As agents wheel in a body, Noah drives up to the crematorium. He unzips the bag they just pulled in and finds a blonde woman with a bullet through her brain, and turns around to unzip the other bag, which appears to contain Sylar. Noah tells the agents to hold their guns up and prepare to shoot, since he's going to take out the metal spike from Sylar's brain, which would allow him to regenerate. As he pulls the spike out, the agents stand in fear and confusion. When the body fails to regenerate, Noah tells the agents to take the metal stake for DNA analysis. One agent tells Noah that they have to cremate the body, but Noah tells them not to. Noah bends down and stares at the hole in the back of Sylar's head, asking "Who are you?".

In Building 26, Noah is about to sign the divorce papers when he notices Sandra's signature. He calls up some online records and confirms that the signature is not Sandra's. He calls the DNA lab and a technician called Nigel tells him that the DNA on the metal spike matches James Martin of Arlington, VA. Noah realizes Sylar's a shape shifter and leaves.

An Invisible Thread

After Sylar kills Nathan Petrelli, Noah Bennet tells Angela Petrelli and Matt Parkman there is a shape shifter's body on ice. Later, the real Sylar, who believes he's Nathan, burns James Martin's body, which still looks like Sylar.

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mohinder looks on as James Martin's body is burnt, shape shifted as Sylar.

Evolved Human Abilities

James has the ability to take the physical form of anyone, but he has to touch the person beforehand. The ability allows him to copy the person's looks and voice to perfection. However, James seems to retain his own brain through use of his ability.


  • James Martin is named after writer and assistant Jim Martin.
  • The photo Danko carries of James Martin is really a photo of writer and assistant Bill Hooper. Originally, the photo was of propmaster Ross Anderson, but Ross's grinning face was deemed not scary enough by NBC. When Mark Spatny said, "Bill totally looks like he could be a serial killer," the photo of Ross was digitally replaced with a photo of Bill.


  • James Martin is an amateur fly fisherman. (Into Asylum)
  • James Martin teaches geometry at a local high school. (Into Asylum)

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