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James Martin's home

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James Martin's home
James Martin's home.jpg
Noah Bennet and Danko in James Martin's home
Location: Arlington, VA
Purpose: Residence

James Martin lives in a home in Arlington, Virginia.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Into Asylum

Danko's team arrive to examine a crime scene in the apartment. Noah Bennet checks over the bodies of Agents Holiday, Price, and Whitman, who have all been shot in the back. Danko asks another agent, Jenkins, what happened, and Jenkins explains that his squad came to apprehend James Martin. He watched the hallway while the other three went in, but heard three gunshots and rushed in to find them dead. Jenkins throws up in a wastepaper basket, apologizing. Danko tells Noah that James Martin's DNA was in the national database so he definitely has an ability, but they don't know what it is. He and Noah argue about tactics for hunting evolved humans, until Danko goes out to his car, where he meets Sylar.

That evening, Sylar walks into James Martin's home to find Danko waiting for him. They taunt each other and Danko threatens to kill Sylar, but Sylar says Danko needs him to track down Martin. They come to an uneasy truce and search the apartment for clues to Martin's motives and whereabouts. In the closet, Sylar finds outfits for a lawyer, a doctor, and a priest, among others, and concludes that these are the costumes of men in positions of power. They also find a small stack of pictures, all of different men with attractive women, and realize that all the men in the photographs are James Martin, using his shape shifting power. Finally they find matchboxes from a nightclub called Garden of Eden and head over there.

Graphic Novel:Cog

Agent Jenkins and his team arrive at the building in search of James Martin. Jenkins sends his three men through the front lobby, while he takes the back entrance, At the door of his home, Martin surprises Jenkins and touches his face in order to shape shift into him and take his place. When the rest of the team arrive, Martin, still disguised as Jenkins, directs them into the bedroom and proceeds to shoot them all in the back.


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