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Hollywood Sign

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Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign.jpg
Claire and West sit on the Hollywood Sign.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Announcing the area's name

West take Claire on a date to the Hollywood sign.

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The Hollywood Sign is one of the most famous places in Los Angeles. Like Times Square in New York, the sign has achieved the status of an iconic world landmark and has become a symbol of its home city.

The Kindness of Strangers

After Claire tells West that they cannot "hang out" anymore, West asks her on one last date, and she accepts. At night, West flies Claire to the Hollywood Sign. They sit on the sign, and Claire tells West about jumping off the gravel plant in Odessa. Claire tells West she can't tell him certain things, but West tells her that she can open up. He tells her that he shares her fears, and he can't help her if she doesn't trust him. Claire stands up on the sign and jumps off. West catches her, and tells her he doesn't want to see her get hurt. The two kiss over the LA lights.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 3

As West flies away from Los Angeles, he flies past the Hollywood Sign into the night.


  • On his blog, Greg Beeman talks at length about the Hollywood Sign scene and the journey it took to production. The scene was originally written with West flying Claire back to the abandoned refinery in Odessa, Texas. However, this idea was scrapped due to logistical continuity issues as well as location scheduling conflicts; the Hollywood Sign was chosen instead. Because "the real Hollywood Sign doesn't allow filming at night, and will only allow a very limited crew, filming on the real location wasn't practical either." Instead, just the top sections of the letters were built, and the scene was filmed in front of a blue screen. The digital environment created some delays in shooting, and the entire scene was in danger of being cut or modified. However, Beeman credits Adam Kane with "figuring out a way to shoot it all in a day."


  • The sign was created in 1923.
  • Each letter is fifty feet high.
  • According to Greg Beeman, the depiction of the sign is not accurate, but is "hyper-real". There are "more lights and a greater view of lights than you see in real life. The letters in our version of reality are also about twice as tall as the real Hollywood Sign letters too." The top sections alone were twelve feet tall.
  • A 120-foot wide, 35-foot high blue screen was used for the scene. The floor was painted with blue screen paint that cost $150 a gallon.
  • According to Heroes Interactive, a 15-foot platform was covered with a blue drape for Hayden Panettiere and Nick D'Agosto to stand on. They were in full harnesses for the flying sequence.

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