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Kirby Plaza building

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Kirby Plaza building
Company facility exterior.jpg
The Company runs a facility at Kirby Plaza.
Location: New York, NY

The Company uses a building at Kirby Plaza which contains rooms to hold individuals of interest as well as research equipment.

Notable Locations

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The Hard Part

While on the phone with Mr. Linderman, Candice reverts to her illusion of Niki to talk to Micah. Later, while Candice is in the shower, Micah opens a secure door and tries to escape the room he's kept in, only to continually enter the same room he just exited.

After agreeing to work together, Thompson takes Mohinder inside the facility to see Molly Walker, a sick evolved human. Molly is in a contained room with monitors and medical equipment. Later, Mohinder finds that an antibody in his blood will help stop Molly's sickness.


From their room, Micah and Candice prepare for Election Day. Meanwhile, Molly demonstrates for Mohinder her ability to locate Matt, who is just outside the building in Kirby Plaza. Matt and Mr. Bennet enter the lobby, bypassing Stan by clever use of Matt's power. They run into D.L. Hawkins and Jessica Sanders (who have phased past security), and share a tense moment with them on the elevator. Mr. Bennet and Matt stop at Molly's floor, have a skirmish with Thompson, and Mr. Bennet holds Molly at gunpoint. Jessica and D.L. stealithly enter Linderman's office. They demand to know Micah's whereabouts, but the confrontation ends in bloodshed: D.L. is shot and subsequently kills Linderman.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

After killing Linderman in his office, D.L. and Niki escape the guards to find Micah.

After Mohinder knocks Matt onto the floor in her room, Molly recognizes Officer Parkman.

Niki and D.L. get to the 42nd floor, but D.L. urges her to go alone.

While Mohinder and Mr. Bennet drag Thompson's body, Molly cries out that she is not feeling well and Mohinder rushes over to help her. Bennet talks to Peter on the phone about a tracking system to find Sylar.

With Molly still weak, Bennet urges Mohinder to make Molly's ability work to find Sylar. Matt asks how she does it and if she can find anyone in the world. Molly locates Sylar on Reed Street using the map in her room, prompting Bennet's realization that Sylar is at Isaac's loft. After Bennet talks to Claire, he tells Matt that their new priority is to find Peter so that he can stop Sylar. Matt tells Bennet that Peter is not needed and that he is going to stop Sylar now by himself, even if he may get killed.

Niki finds a door open, with Jessica sitting on a couch. She asks how it's possible that she's here, but is interrupted by Jessica pointing to Micah passed out on the floor with blood on his face. After taunting Niki, Jessica kicks her in the face while Niki is bent over.

Mohinder gathers Molly's supplies and tells Molly they're leaving after Matt called because "the boogeyman" is coming. Molly pauses and then tells him that Sylar is already there.

Jessica continues to fight Niki, reminding her of what she's done. She knocks Niki into a mirror, shattering it and walks away, rubbing her hands. Niki glances down at a shard of the mirror. Jessica, in the mirror, tells Niki that the woman attacking her is not Jessica, and that she can defeat her. Niki then punches "Jessica", sending her across the room. Candice's illusion fades away, with "Micah" disappearing. Niki then hears Micah's cries from a locked closet, but she rips the door open. Micah asks if it's really her. Niki looks into the mirror and confirms that it is her.

Molly and Mohinder try to leave, and find D.L. injured on the floor. While Mohinder examines D.L., Molly tries to use the elevator, but it does not work. Mohinder notes it must have been disabled, and tells Molly to look in the stairwell for people coming.

Molly tells Mohinder that the guards are coming up the stairs. Just then, Micah and Niki emerge. Micah sees that his father is hurt and on the ground. Mohinder tells them that they have to go. Niki removes the door handle from the stairwell, while Micah summons the elevator. The group boards the elevator before the guards arrive.

Micah, Niki, D.L., Molly and Mohinder all exit the Kirby Plaza Building in the midst of a conflict between Peter and Sylar, where Matt and Bennet have already been injured.

Four Months Later...

Ando retrieves a newspaper from Kaito Nakamura's office.


  • A view from outside Micah's room shows the building he is in is the Kirby Plaza Building, in the same building that Molly's room is in. Both children are being overseen by employees of the Company.


  • The facility's street address is 515.
  • Mr. Linderman's office is on the 51st floor.
  • According to Mr. Bennet, Molly's room is on the 42nd floor.
  • Mr. Linderman says that Micah is being held on the 42nd floor.


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