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Location: Future version erased from existence
Present day version Odessa, Texas
Purpose: Refuge for surviving humanity

Gateway is a city that Renautas built by the year 9972, following the H.E.L.E. that wiped out mankind. It is the other end of the space-time bridge that Renautas forged using Hiro Nakamura's time travel ability. There also exists a version of Gateway built by Renautas in the present in Odessa, Texas, billed as "the city of the future." The future Gateway was erased from existence when Tommy Clark, Malina and Noah Bennet stopped the H.E.L.E. and altered the future, erasing the timeline Gateway existed in.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

"Gateway" is one of the folders listed on the root directory at Renautas.

Game Over

As Taylor Kravid takes a pregnancy test, an add for Gateway plays in the background.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Miko sees Gateway in the distance and starts to walk towards it.

11:53 to Odessa

When Miko enters Gateway, she is immediately confronted by several agents, who attempt to take her in for questioning. She defeats them and runs into another part of the city. After fighting off more Renautas employees, Miko descends into a building, where she finds a room full of evos in medically-induced comas. To her surprise, one of them looks exactly like her. Hachiro Otomo tells Miko the truth about her existence and confirms that the Miko in front of her is his real daughter, who he has kept alive by working for Renautas. He then tells her that she must find the Master of Time and Space, who will send her on her final mission. Miko initially refuses to leave her father, so he forces her to leave by calling security. Miko escapes before they can arrive.

Tommy walks through the city with Erica and asks her questions about Gateway, with Phoebe and Quentin trailing behind. Erica tells Tommy that Gateway is the first of many cities Renautas plans to build. He agrees to help her on the condition that his family and friends are brought to the future too. Erica then has Tommy teleport the Fradys back to 2015. Miko sees this from above and determines that Tommy is the Master of Time and Space. She drops down and tells him of her mission to free him. Tommy grabs Miko and teleports away with her.

Project Reborn

After capturing Tommy within Evernow, Erica broadcasts a message to the residents of Gateway that the H.E.L.E. is only moments away and she has selected them to save humanity. She then has Richard Schwenkman activate the space-time bridge after which they are left wondering if they made it to the future. Emerging from within Gateway, the people who had been chosen discover that the bridge worked and transported them from the present day Gateway to the future Gateway.

In the future Gateway, Emily Duval and Ren Shimosawa manage to free the evos being held captive, including Hachiro Otomo and the real Miko Otomo. After killing Richard, Hachiro transports Ren into Evernow where he rescues Tommy Clark. Upon his return to Gateway, Tommy is warned that if he changes the future, Gateway and all of its residents will erased from existence with the future as Gateway only exists due to the H.E.L.E. Tommy realizes he can split himself into two and freezes time for Gateway before splitting himself. As one Tommy returns to the present day Gateway, the second Tommy teleports everyone in the control room but Erica back to the present. After cutting off Erica's transport watch with the Kensei sword, Tommy unfreezes time and reverses the space-time bridge, sending all the residents of Gateway back to the present aside from Erica and anyone else not wearing a watch. As he activates the bridge, Tommy merges himself once more with his other self.

In the present day Gateway, Luke, Quentin and Malina witness the first of two solar flares heading towards the planet. Knowing that the prophecy shows Malina and Tommy facing the second flare, Luke sacrifices himself to dissipate the first flare and buy Malina time. As space debris falls on Gateway, Quentin and Malina take cover in the Odessa Clock Tower only to be confronted by Phoebe. With no other choice, Quentin kills his sister to protect Malina who shortly afterwards stands outside of the Clock Tower, attempting to stop the H.E.L.E.

Arriving from the future Gateway, Tommy finds the present Gateway frozen in time and unfreezes it to aid Malina in stopping the flare. However, the two are unable to use their combined power properly and Tommy learns by traveling back in time seven years that they need a conduit to properly channel their powers. With Noah Bennet acting as their conduit, Tommy and Malina are able to shield the Earth from the solar flare and prevent the H.E.L.E. from happening.

With the H.E.L.E. future averted, the future Gateway along with Erica Kravid and anyone else left behind by the space-time bridge is erased from existence along with the timeline they belonged to.

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Airplane hangarEternal FortressEvo hideoutGymnasiumHaitian prisonHiro and Ando's lairHouse of MirrorsKirby Plaza buildingLima cathedralNew York churchOdessa Clock TowerSewersSlaughterhouseSt. FrancisVenezuelan convent

Outdoor Places

Aoyama CemeteryCentral ParkCharles Deveaux's rooftopCoyote SandsEiffel TowerExplosion memorialGatewayGrand CanyonGravel plantGriffith Park CarouselHidden FortressHollywood SignKaren Sprague's graveKirby PlazaNew York City parkThe Statue of LibertySullivan Bros. CarnivalSunstone ManorTimes SquareWhitebeard's camp

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