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Sunstone Manor

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Sunstone Manor
Sunstone Manor front.jpg
Location: Unknown
Purpose: Evo facility

Sunstone Manor is a building that keeps evolved humans from contact with the outside world.

Notable Employees

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Game Over

Under torture, Harris Prime tells Taylor Kravid that her boyfriend is being moved to Sunstone Manor which he refers to as one of their southern facilities. Taylor goes to rescue Francis before he can be taken but discovers that Francis and all the other evos held by Renautas have already been moved.

Carlos interrogates James Dearing for where he took his nephew and Dearing eventually he tells him its Sunstone Manor which he describes as a place a day's drive from Los Angeles. Dearing explains that about a year before, Sunstone Manor had sent out word to local police departments that they'd pay ten thousand dollars for each evo that was turned over to them. Dearing reluctantly agrees to take Carlos there after Carlos threatens the money he has collected.

On the way to Sunstone Manor, Carlos questions Dearing on what is done to the evos inside. Dearing admits that he neither knows nor cares and Carlos tells him that his nephew is inside, but Dearing cares less, only caring about his money. Dearing tells Carlos that Carlos needs his help as the only way into Sunstone Manor is through a checkpoint where the guards swab for powers. Dearing finds it amusing that the one person who wants to break in is the one person who actually can't. When Carlos insists that there's always a way, Dearing tells him that there is a way for Carlos to sneak into Sunstone Manor but he's not going to like it.

Carlos and Dearing arrive outside Sunstone Manor and Dearing tells Carlos they have to switch places if Dearing is going to pass Carlos off as a bounty. As Carlos releases him, Dearing tells Carlos that there's something strange about Sunstone Manor: no guards or fences, but no one ever wants to leave either. Dearing gives Carlos a drug that won't give him powers, but will cause the evo test to give a false positive and let Carlos in to rescue his nephew and Father Mauricio. Carlos drinks the drug, but it causes him great pain and to collapse before an amused Dearing.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Carlos awakens in his car on the way to Sunstone Manor, handcuffed and attached to an ability negation system. However, this is a ploy by James Dearing to get him inside with the handcuffs unlatched. Arriving at Sunstone Manor, Carlos and Dearing enter, with Dearing warning Carlos to stay away from the Director as rumor states the Director can get inside a person's head. Dearing takes Carlos to the testing station while turning over Carlos' El Vengador outfit to be catalogued. Due to Dearing's drug, Carlos' evo test comes back positive and he is led outside where various evos are performing different activities. As Carlos is led through the grounds, Dearing informs him over an earpiece that the evos Renautas needs are being shipped out of Sunstone Manor. As he's led through a hallway, Carlos questions his guard on what they will do to him and the guard tells him that they will evaluate his powers and determine if he's critical to the organization. As the guard tells him the Director will arrive soon to explain, Carlos knocks him out and hides him in a closet.

Carlos changes into the guard's outfit and begins looking for Jose, spotting an evo floating in midair in one room and experiments being done on another in another room. Heading outside, Carlos is surprised to find that there really are no bars on the windows yet no one is running as he was told, instead listening to an announcement by the Director over a PA system. At the same time, Dearing asks why the paperwork is taking so long only to learn that new protocol means he needs to submit to a DNA swab to check if he's an evo. Realizing he's going to be caught, Dearing punches a guard across the room, but is tranquilized by the receptionist who orders Dearing taken to the Director.

After gaining the trust of Rene and the rest of the Hero Truther group, Taylor Kravid is shown a list of places that her boyfriend and Micah Sanders may be with one being Sunstone Manor. Taylor tells them she recognizes Sunstone Manor, stating it belonged to the people who owned the mine her grandfather worked in until he died and it was the first property her mother had bought when she made her first million.

As the Director's voice directs the residents to find the thing that makes them happy and to hear and see it, Carlos locates Jose who is hallucinating his father and refuses to leave. Carlos tries to drag Jose away as he yells for help and runs into Father Mauricio who also states he is happy at Sunstone Manor and refuses to leave. Carlos tries to escape the guards, but is tasered and captured. Dearing is brought in front of the Director, Matt Parkman who is disgusted by the fact that Dearing would sell out his own kind for personal gain. Finding Dearing not worth saving, Matt sends him to a sheet covered room where Dearing is compelled to kill himself. Carlos is later brought before Matt who is amused at his plan to escape, take his friends and leave. Carlos realizes that Matt can read his mind and Matt tells him he knows Carlos is not an evo either but is just trying to rescue his friends. Matt tells Carlos that while that's noble, his friends are happy at Sunstone Manor. Recognizing that Carlos has a shameful secret, Matt sends him to the sheet-covered room where he observes Carlos freezing in a war zone where Farah Nazan tries to get him moving. Matt notes that Carlos knowing Farah is very interesting and that Carlos may be more useful than he thought. He then leaves Carlos on the floor of the room and leaves.

11:53 to Odessa

Outside of Sunstone Manor, Taylor, Rene, Deirdre, Dahlia, Henry and Logue spy on the building from a hilltop where they note the lack of security. All Dahlia has been able to find on a way into the place is sewer pipes, causing Taylor to comment that there has to be another way in. Rene tells her that her mother is using Micah and his power to control the flow of information in the world and they need to rescue him so if she doesn't have a better way in, the sewer pipes are all they've got. Taylor gets another idea and tells them that she does have another way in and her mother is going to help them.

Inside, Matt is shipping evos out to Gateway and tells Harris that he will have the rest willing and shipped out by the next day. Harris reminds Matt that they need to find Malina so Matt visits Farah Nazan who is a prisoner at Sunstone Manor but has been able to resist his telepathy. When Farah continues to resist him, Matt tells her that they also have Carlos Gutierrez at Sunstone Manor who he knows she served with. Matt tells Farah that with Carlos' help, he believes they can break her. Matt later brings in Carlos and learns that when he froze up in a firefight in Afghanistan, Farah used her powers to save him and stop the men they were fighting. Matt realizes that Farah is in love with Carlos and threatens his life to get her to talk. Farah eventually breaks as she doesn't want Carlos to die and agrees to tell Matt everything he wants to know.

Outside, Taylor has Henry take on Erica's form to get them inside Sunstone Manor and gives him advice on how to act like Erica. Henry is able to pull the act off perfectly and gets himself and Taylor in, observed from afar by Rene. Disguised as Erica, Henry is able to get them into Matt's office where Matt tells them he'd have had the evos ready for them if he knew the space-time bridge was operational again. When shaking hands with Taylor, Matt learns of her interest in Francis Culp while Henry demands to see Micah. Reading Henry's mind, Matt hears Henry thinking "ah crap" and realizes its a trick. As Matt asks what "Erica" really wants, Taylor tasers him and orders Henry to find out what he can and get the rest of the group inside while she locates Micah. As Henry works through Matt's computer, Harris arrives and Matt stirs. Henry quickly takes on Matt's form, but is shot and killed by Harris who Matt informs that he found out Malina knows about Odessa and he is tracking her while they should be more worried about Taylor and anyone else that may have infiltrated Sunstone Manor. Harris tells Matt that "we're already taking care of it" and leaves the room.

As a guard takes Carlos out to kill him, Carlos overpowers the man and escapes. Carlos then rescues Farah who an orderly is preparing to hook up to a machine and they leave to find Jose. As they make their way through the hallways, they encounter Taylor who warns them of approaching guards who they quickly kill. Taylor tells them that she's there with Hero Truther to rescue their leader Micah and they are on the same side and are running out of time. Recognizing the name Hero Truther from something Jose told him, Carlos agrees to work with Taylor to rescue the evos. The three make their way to the lobby where they force a guard to open the gates to allow Rene, Logue, Dahlia and Deirdre in, also finding that the last transport had already left for Odessa. Meeting up with the group outside, they find an army of Harris clones approaching the building and split up.

Send in the Clones

As an army of Harris clones approaches, Carlos, Rene, Taylor and Farah barricade themselves inside of Sunstone Manor. While Rene and Taylor go after Matt Parkman, Carlos and Farah decide to rescue the evos trapped in Sunstone Manor to fight back against the clone army and also rescue Micah Sanders.

Taylor and Rene confront Matt, with Rene blocking Matt's powers. Matt insists he's saving lives and the people trapped in the facility love him, but Taylor tells him they only love him as he forces them to. Taylor and Rene reveal that Matt is not going to the future and he fires next to Rene's head, distracting him into deactivating his powers, allowing Matt to telepathically force him away. Matt then takes Taylor hostage to make her mother keep her word. On his way out, Matt learns that Taylor is pregnant and forces three Harris clones to kill themselves.

On their way through the facility, Carlos and Farah find the security room where a recording of Matt's voice is being used to control the residents. The two destroy the recording and rescue the confused residents who Farah stays behind to organize against the clone army. Carlos dons his El Vengador suit and goes after Micah with the help of his nephew. As Carlos tries to smash Micah's pod, a Harris clone attacks him only to be trapped by Father Mauricio, allowing Carlos to destroy the clone. Moments later, Father Mauricio is killed by a security guard who Carlos quickly subdues. Carlos finally manages to free Micah who orders Carlos to get him to a computer as Farah comes in to tell them that she has organized the residents for battle.

After learning from 9th Wonders! that she has to face Harris at Sunstone Manor, Miko Otomo teleports there from the future with help from Tommy Clark. At Sunstone Manor, Miko single-handedly holds off the clone army until Harris Prime emerges armed with an axe and tells his clones to leave the fight to him. Harris Prime fights Miko on the lawn of Sunstone Manor, ultimately overpowering her. As Harris Prime prepares to kill her, Miko notices her midsection turning to static and stabs her sword through herself and Harris Prime, mortally wounding him. Miko then decapitates and kills Harris Prime, destroying his clone army at Sunstone Manor and any other clones he still had active. As Carlos, Farah, Micah and Jose watch stunned, Miko disappears for good after killing Harris Prime.

In Matt's office, Micah explains the H.E.L.E. to Carlos, Farah and Jose and uses Matt's computer to make a broadcast as Hero Truther, revealing the truth about the Odessa Unity Summit bombing and how Renautas had been tricking everyone.

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