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Webisode:Destiny, Part 3

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Destiny, Part 3
Webisode number: 6
First released: November 24, 2008
Destiny, Part 3.jpg
Written by: Adam Armus,
Kay Foster
Directed by: Eagle Egilsson
Previous Webisode: Destiny, Part 2
Next Webisode: Destiny, Part 4
Santiago's captors have a mission for him that he can't refuse.


  • Elisa gets some advice on handling Santiago.
  • Santiago awakens in a strange and secure place.
  • After learning the nature of his ability, Santiago's captors force him into accepting a deadly mission.
  • Santiago gets some help from an unlikely source.



Inside a secure warehouse, the serious looking woman talks with Elisa as Santiago sits asleep on a wheelchair in the middle of the room. The woman question's Elisa's loyalty and reminds her to follow protocol. Elisa then notices Santiago waking up and walks over to him.

Santiago asks what happened to him and where he is, but doesn't give Elisa a chance to explain. Instead, he uses his ability to quickly search for a way out. Not finding any way out, Santiago returns to Elisa and asks what she wants. Elisa and the serious looking woman then explain Santiago's ability to him, tell him that there are others out there like him, and that they want him to be a part of something much larger than himself. The serious looking woman then explains that Santiago inherited his ability from his father, and that he also worked for them. Next, she pulls out a projector and shows Santiago a couple of targets they want him to kill, and explains that his father was very good at getting his mark. When Santiago refuses, the serious looking woman pulls out a gun and shoots at him after threatening to do so, but Santiago uses his ability to turn her own gun on her. No longer having the upper hand physically, the woman shows Santiago a video of his mother on her Samsung Instinct and explains that his mother will get killed if he doesn't accept to work for them. Santiago then asks whom is the first target.

Later, Santiago is bathing in a shower inside the warehouse, and Elisa materializes behind him. When he asks what she is doing, she puts a finger to his lips to be quiet, and says that she's saving him. Elisa and Santiago then embrace in a passionate kiss.

Memorable Quotes

"We want you to be a part of something much larger than yourself."

"This is how you ask? By kidnapping me?"

"We've learned it's better to apologize than ask for permission."

- Elisa, Santiago, Serious looking woman

Character Appearances

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