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Quick question

For the fans: if you could read a graphic novel about anything you wanted, what would it be about? -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 14:52, 17 February 2008 (EST)

  • Probably something that keys into the larger questions fans want. Like a hint at what Sylar does with the brain, what Angela/Kaito's ability might be, some of the things the founders did, etc. Not the whole story, but just something to keep fans interested.--Bob (talk) 15:26, 17 February 2008 (EST)
    • Good ideas. Of course, I have no hidden agenda in my questioning. *wink wink* -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 19:10, 17 February 2008 (EST)
  • Of course, I'm still hoping there's more to the story of Rollo Fusor's accomplice, but I'm hoping that will air on-screen. *wink wink* Anyways, I think it would be cool if there were some stories about the other heroes in the repository (i.e. Jason and the Argonauts, Thor), but I'd understand if they were saving those for the screen too, so if they have to add heroes to do a story about them, I've a couple suggestions: 1) a descendant of Morrigan (the Hercules version) in Ireland who has her enhanced speed--Sanjog Iyer could tell the descendant about his/her ancestor; 2) the origin of Pegasus, a horse with the power of flight. I have more suggestions if anyone wants to contact me privately.--MiamiVolts (talk) 20:03, 17 February 2008 (EST)
  • I'd like to see a novel telling the story of Sylar killing James Walker unless they have that planned for a future episode. (Admin 23:59, 17 February 2008 (EST))
    • What I'm hearing is that fans want stories about existing characters, not necessarily new characters. I'm also reading that people want stories that explain answers, but don't give everything away. This is good stuff. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 00:16, 18 February 2008 (EST)
      • I think in general when it comes to any series people are interested in occasionally having current "mysteries" explained or like to be able to look at something and suddenly see how it fits into the big picture of what already exists. I have a feeling that the murder of James Walker may have just been something originally designed to setup the character of Sylar and that they may have not intended to go into more detail on it... if that's true I think it makes for a great candidate for a graphic novel and now, after 2 seasons, provides a tie-in all the way back to the second episode. (Admin 00:22, 18 February 2008 (EST))
      • Another reason most fans like existing characters is that they have grown to like them. It's hard to make suggestions about new characters if you don't know whom they are, and it's also hard since you're asking this question in a non-spoiler namespace. If you asked this same question in the spoilers section here and/or on 9th Wonders, you'd probably get very different answers. They're are a few characters I'm expecting to meet in Volume 3 which I think most would be happy to see introduced in the graphic novels.--MiamiVolts (talk) 01:17, 18 February 2008 (EST)
        • I like some of what they are doing now, like using characters from the List, but they need to change it up a little so it is not just evolved human of the week. Some that expand the story for the main characters would be nice. If they introduce characters for Season Three they should wait until closer to the start unless they have a really good continuing story. I think it would be really cool if they would re-release Claire and the Cat. Or some about Chandra Suresh and his journal -Lөvөl 13:21, 19 February 2008 (EST)


  • I setup a Facebook page for Heroes Wiki. If you're on Facebook and wish to "become a fan of Heroes Wiki" then go here. (Admin 00:14, 19 February 2008 (EST))

Heroes Wiki General Appreciation Thread

  • After seeing a number of "general appreciation threads" on I started a Heroes Wiki General Appreciation Thread here. This could be used as a general thread where those of us on can post any relevant news. Since it's in a subforum that's protected by a password (which is "shanti" if you dont have it already) it's not viewable by as many people on the board so major new announcements like interviews should still go in other threads as well, but this HWGAT thread can be used for more general discussions that might not warrant their own threads elsewhere. Just wanted to toss this out for anyone who's interested. (Admin 00:38, 19 February 2008 (EST))

Episode link templates

I know we can be original here, but over at Lostpedia they have the most useful templates for citing or linking to episodes. If we were to adapt it for our site, {{ep|1x01}} could show up as Genesis, and {{cite|1x01}} would show up as (Genesis). We could also do a template:GN or template:citeGN for our ever-growing list of novels. Thoughts? ---- Ohmyn0.jpgOhmyn0talk.jpg 19:00, 20 February 2008 (EST)

  • Sounds pretty good. --  Seclusion  talk / contribs 19:20, 20 February 2008 (EST)
  • We have this already. Check out Template:ep. (Admin 19:48, 20 February 2008 (EST))
    • Fantastic. I should've dug around more, but I didn't see it being used anywhere. Thanks! ---- Ohmyn0.jpgOhmyn0talk.jpg 21:06, 20 February 2008 (EST)
      • We have a lot of templates, it can be hard to find one you haven't used before. :) Maybe we should have a Help page listing some of the common and useful templates and a brief one-line description of what they do. (Admin 21:09, 20 February 2008 (EST))

Hollywood Contracts Update

Tonight, the Director's Guild has officially announced final ratification of their new contracts. The writers guid is expected to follow suit in a few days. See here for additional info.--MiamiVolts (talk) 01:52, 21 February 2008 (EST)

Sarmy & Save Nathan Petrelli campaign charity

I received the following message from Begemot Geroi, a member of the Sarmy on


I have a huge favour to ask about something I'm doing for the SArmy and the Save Nathan Petrelli
 campaign and wanted to know if Heroeswiki could possibly give us a bit of help to get the word out!

We've started up a fanart competition for charity. What we're doing is have fanartists from both
 campaigns submit their own original Heroes artwork (or non-Heroes work as well) for prints that
 we'll be selling on We have a shop on there -- but don't have it set up yet
 since I haven't started putting submissions up. The funds from the sales will benefit the
 Elevate Hope Foundation. The EHF helps abused children recover through the arts, literature,
 theatre, and music. We were looking for a charity that both Zachary Quinto and Adrian Pasdar
 support, and the EHF was our choice since the entire cast of Heroes supports them.

We're trying to see which of the fangroups can sell the most prints and thereby raise the most
 money for the EHF. Jen from the SNP campaign and I are running the shop. If outside artists
 join up (not already members of the SArmy or the SNP campaign), they would have to decide which
 campaign they'd want to go to work for; we're going to try and keep things even, though.

If you want, you can read all the details about the campaign here:

That includes all of our rules and everything.

I really want to get the word out about this, so I'm trying to advertise it in as many ways
 as possible.

If this is something that you think Heroeswiki could give us a hand with, we would appreciate it
 so so much! It's for a really good cause.
  • I think the charitable work they're doing is great and think it would be great if we could help them out. I was thinking we could at least add a note and link to the sitenotice at the top of every page and add it to the current events page. Any thoughts or opinions? Would they need to remove the "competition" portion in order for it to be appropriate for us to promote here? (Admin 15:56, 21 February 2008 (EST))
    • I agree it's great work, and I don't think the competition portion needs to be removed for us to promote it.--MiamiVolts (talk) 16:33, 21 February 2008 (EST)
      • Ok, I just wasn't sure if it was ok for people to have to pick when submitting which of the two groups they wanted to support. I was hoping that wouldn't muddy the decision since they're both contributing to the same charity (and the donation aspect is the relevent aspect to me). (Admin 16:36, 21 February 2008 (EST))
    • I don't see any problem with mentioning it in at MediaWiki:sitenotice. SArmy has been good to us. :) -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 18:29, 21 February 2008 (EST)
      • Great, wanted to run it by some people to make sure I wasn't off-base. :) (Admin 18:30, 21 February 2008 (EST))

R.I.P. Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Best-selling British science fiction author, inventor and futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarke passed away today at the age of 90. A few months ago, he taped this message for his fans on his birthday. Similar to Heroes, Clarke wrote the novel, Childhood's End in 1953, which tells a tale of what might happen if the world suddenly gained special abilities. Two of his novels, 2001 and 2010 have been made into films, and another work, Rendezvous with Rama, has been in-production at IMDb for a number of years (the release date keeps getting pushed back). I hope that this film will now be fast-tracked as a tribute to and in memory of him.--MiamiVolts (talk) 20:29, 18 March 2008 (EDT)

  • I recently found out that in January, broke the story that Kimberly Peirce was going to direct a film-adaptation of Childhood's End. It's not confirmed yet on IMDb, but if it goes through I hope it takes less time to develop than Rendezvous with Rama--that's been in-production since about 1997...--MiamiVolts (talk) 00:58, 25 March 2008 (EDT)
  • Interestingly enough I read that not too long before his death there was a rarely observed massive explosion deep in space that was actually large enough to be visible by the naked eye. I know there are people trying to get it named after him... a fitting tribute for someone like him. (Admin 02:02, 27 March 2008 (EDT))

Bhutan holds democratic elections

It really is a small world... Bhutan has just completed a peaceful transition from monarchy to democracy, having just completed its first democratic elections. I'm sure Richard Drucker would mention it if he was available...anyways, I'm wondering if perhaps this real-world event could/will be tied into Heroes somehow.--MiamiVolts (talk) 00:58, 25 March 2008 (EDT)

New Youtube feature!

The New York Times has reviewed a new feature Google developed for Youtube, Youtube Insight. It lets youtube video creators see when and where their videos are watched. Looks cool to me. I'd guess a similar feature for their blogs would be next, and afterwards a similar service for other websites that feature their ads, unless they already have that. Heroes Wiki uses Google ads, so I thought of us when I read that.--MiamiVolts (talk) 01:42, 27 March 2008 (EDT)

  • That's a cool feature. Google Analytics already lets me see the geographic distribution of visitors to Heroes Wiki, though admittedly it's of limited usefulness. (Admin 01:59, 27 March 2008 (EDT))

Oliver Dennison

  • I had an idea that isn't fantastically original, but could be interesting. I was wondering if there was any interest in an in-character Heroes Evolutions-like blog written from the perspective of Oliver Dennison, a reporter from the New York Journal. The idea would be to write about the events in Heroes from the perspective of a curious reporter who doesn't have the perspective we do. I think most of the events reported would be those that take place in NY (since he does live in NY and work for the NY Journal). I'd also want to keep almost all interaction with actual Heroes characters to a minimum and limited to encounters we've seen take place or else I feel like it would lose some of its intrigue and become just like any other fan fiction. I think when you have fan-created content like this it often tries too hard to interact with actual characters ficticiously and it instantly starts to feel like pure fan fiction (not to mention how difficult it can be for people to write convincing interactions with characters we all know). Much like Hana's original blog, Oliver's posts would reflect mostly curiosity, confusion, and suspicion. He will have many questions and very few answers (think Audrey when it came to understanding the Sylar case) If there's interest in this I can have a site ready pretty quickly. There could be a number of contributors who could each write articles for the blog as Oliver. For those who would be contributing, I'd recommend re-watching the scenes with Oliver Dennison so that the tone of the article more accurately reflects how we've seen him. (Admin 16:52, 29 March 2008 (EDT))
  • Very good idea. I'd be willing to contribute, but my main priority remains the wiki. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 17:13, 29 March 2008 (EDT)
    • I wouldn't mind working a bit on this. I enjoy story writing and stuff. And Oliver Dennison seems like the type of guy who picks at all the mentions of "Linderman" and jumps to the right conclusions at the wrong times. --DocM 18:10, 29 March 2008 (EDT)
      • I'm not all that interested, but I would recommend creating an original character instead of using Oliver. It might be kind of frustrating if NBC started it's own NY Journal site with an Oliver blog...--MiamiVolts (talk) 23:15, 29 March 2008 (EDT)
        • I'm willing to take that risk. I think using Oliver has just the right degree of tie-in. I'll start things off soon when I have time and will welcome anyone who wants to volunteer articles. (Admin 23:18, 29 March 2008 (EDT))
          • Would it be done in timeline order? Like, we post blogs, but change the date so that it represents when it happened, such as a post on November 9th about the events on November 8th? (that's an example - his post might have been deleted because Bob kept everything hidden about the explosion in Four Months Ago...) --DocM 08:54, 30 March 2008 (EDT)

Can we move Disambigs to the top of the page?

The one thing that bugs me about this place is that the disambigs, at least the name ones, are placed at the bottom of the page in the "see also" section. Was there any rational for this when the wiki was formed? Might they be put at the top instead?--SacValleyDweller (talk) 23:29, 1 April 2008 (EDT)

  • Other than the fact that that's how Wikipedia does it, is there a reason to have the disambig link at the top? I really prefer having it towards the bottom. When I go to read an article on Wikipedia, I hate that the first thing I see is "Go see this article instead". I suppose everything could be moved to the top, but that would require edits to possibly two thousand articles. It doesn't seem worth it to me just to have a link at the top instead of at the bottom....When I know I need a link that's at the bottom, I use the TOC to jump to the See Also section, and then click the link. -- RyanGibsonStewart (talk) 00:04, 2 April 2008 (EDT)
  • There are two types of disambigs. One is where the entire article is a disambig. It's often used for generic terms when there's a good chance someone looking for it could be looking for any of the pages listed on the disambig. In other places where the term most likely refers to a specific article, but MAY in some instances be a different one the disambig helps the searcher find the article they were actually looking for. In this latter instance the disambig info isn't meant to be the most prominent info in the article (i.e. at the top), but rather a navigational aid for the few instances where it's not actually the intended article so it makes sense for it to be at the bottom. I think in the end it mostly comes down to an early style decision and all our articles have always included the disambig info at the bottom. (Admin 00:11, 2 April 2008 (EDT))
    • I agree with Admin and Ryan's reasons. It seems better to me that they are left where they are, at the bottom.--MiamiVolts (talk) 00:19, 2 April 2008 (EDT)

Heroes Season 2 DVD

i've been waiting forever for the Season 2 DVD to come out i was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about it. it feels like forever since season 2 ended...they should at least have a confirmed release date...

  • I'm not sure, but someone thinks it will be released in August.--MiamiVolts (talk) 14:33, 4 April 2008 (EDT)

CBR one-shot

Now that the strike is over CBR is going to be holding another interview with the writers asking questions about season two. Deadline for questions is April 18 and the interview will be out towards the end of April. More info here. (19:35, 11 April 2008 (EDT))

Heroes Wiki mentioned in magazine "Fast Company" ... kinda

I was reading a fantastic article "Rebel Alliance" in the most recent issue of Fast Company about how sci-fi shows are leading the way of interactive immersion into television "experiences". Anyway, there was a sidebar entitled "The Wide, Wide World of Heroes". It lists all the by-products of Heroes - The graphic novels, magazines, etc. It lists 9th and also says Wiki. The description reads Open-source explanations to all things Heroes. Did you know that the license-plate number of Hiro's father (played by George Takei from the original Star Trek) is NCC-1701, the same as the registration number of the Starship Enterprise? . According to my memory, this information appeared in Template:DYK for quite some time. ---- Ohmyn0.jpgOhmyn0talk.jpg 01:30, 22 April 2008 (EDT)

  • Very nice. :) and yes, it was on the DYK... I'm sure it's this wiki they were referring to. (Admin 01:34, 22 April 2008 (EDT))


I can't load 9th wonder's website at all today. Anyone else having this problem?--MiamiVolts (talk) 16:19, 7 May 2008 (EDT)

  • Working fine for me. (Admin 17:02, 7 May 2008 (EDT))
    • Thanks for checking. It's working for me again now.--MiamiVolts (talk) 17:17, 7 May 2008 (EDT)

HEROES in Australia

Hey i was just wondering weather, HEROES season 3 will premiere the same time as in America? on the 22nd of september? if anyone know's please leave a comment, thankyou--Maya herrera (talk) 19:07, 28 May 2008 (EDT)

  • You might try checking with the local network it appears on in Australia, the Seven Network. Often, it's delayed at least a few months, though since the 7 network's website says Season 2 in Australia aired parallel to Season 2 in the USA, I'd guess that Season 3 will air there not long after the US airing.--MiamiVolts (talk) 20:06, 28 May 2008 (EDT)
  • With Seven advertising Cautionary Tales as the season finale, I would doubt it would be in the 2008 TV Season. Season 2 also aired here with a 3 week delay, regardless of what seven says. I anticipate that Seven will skip Heroes for the last bit of the 2008 season and air it at the start of the 09 season (Feb). Reasoning for this would be that Seven would see Heroes "wasted" if it didn't have anything to put it up against. --  Seclusion  talk / contribs 03:20, 2 June 2008 (EDT)

Behind the Eclipse

The Spring one-shot has become the Summer one-shot. The editor sent the questions to Joe and Aron just this weekend, so expect a posting in a few weeks. Hopefully, we'll get some more info. about the webisodes.--MiamiVolts (talk) 19:24, 1 June 2008 (EDT)

Surviving the Filthy Rich

Not sure if anyone else here is interested in the new show that will premiere this fall on the CW, but there's now an extended trailer/sneak peak (about 5 minutes worth) for it at

Alternatively, you can watch some of it in split clips at TV Squad, along with previews of Dollhouse and the Fringe: --MiamiVolts (talk) 01:37, 2 June 2008 (EDT)

Season 3 in the UK

I'm not sure how many UK fans there are here, but I'm absolutely over the moon that the show will be shown in the UK at the same time as in the US. No more watching online or waiting months for episodes, fantastic! -- Friskymuffin (talk) 13:57, 12 June 2008 (EDT)

  • I saw that, too. I'm very excited, too, because it means a larger global audience can come together all at the same time and enjoy and discuss the show. I do hope each new episode airs in the US first, though, because it makes it much easier for us to keep spoiler information out of the articles. When Canada was airing episodes early it caused a few issues. (Admin 14:08, 12 June 2008 (EDT))
  • Heroes season 3 starts in the UK eight days after it starts in the US User:LilRebel616 17:55, 16 July (GMT)

Spoiler article formating idea from the german wiki

I stumbled through to the German wiki and noticed how they have a few articles that appear to be spoilers articles formated, namely their abilities portal, abilities list, and their aticle on Bob. Im thinking it might not be a bad Idea to format spoiler articles here in a similar fashion. That way, damage done to a spoilerphobe after clicking on a land mine (a camouflaged link to a spoiler page from a page that is not in the spoiler space) might be less severe. Anyone else agree? --SacValleyDweller (talk) 23:48, 21 June 2008 (EDT)

  • For the German Wiki, they are doing that because they are watching the show a season or so after it runs in the United States. We shouldn't have to add spoiler tags to pages like our abilities portal, list and Bob. I guess it's a separate issue as to whether all spoiler articles for this wiki could be shifted into the 2nd page. It's mainly just a matter of altering Template:Unairedspoiler to add a page of whitespace before any other text, however many people will probably not want to be bothered with scrolling down to a second page. I don't imagine the search engines would like that either, but I'm really undecided in my opinion about it. I do see your point that it could help.--MiamiVolts (talk) 00:21, 22 June 2008 (EDT)
    • For clarification, I was indeed talking about using that format for the spoiler pages and not the pages equivalent to the examples I posted. --SacValleyDweller (talk) 01:50, 22 June 2008 (EDT)
      • Then you can disregard the first part of my comment, the second half still applies (ie. I'm still undecided).--MiamiVolts (talk) 02:01, 22 June 2008 (EDT)