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New York Journal

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New York Journal
New York Journal.jpg

First mentioned: Nothing to Hide
Current status: in circulation

The New York Journal is a newspaper published in New York, NY. One topic of interest to the paper is the upcoming elections.

Notable Employees


Nothing to Hide

Heidi and Angela Petrelli arrange to have Oliver Dennison come to the Petrellis' home for brunch so he can interview Nathan and his family for an article for the New York Journal. At the brunch, Peter arrives unexpectedly, but charms Mr. Dennison expertly and even deflects suspicion about Nathan's liaison with Niki Sanders.


  • The real-world New York Journal was purchased by William Randolph Hearst in 1895 to compete against Joseph Pulitzer's the New York World, and was well known for sensational (and often dishonest) stories. It was renamed several times, eventually becoming the New York Journal American, and ceased publication in 1966.

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