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John F. Kennedy International Airport

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John F. Kennedy International Airport
JFK Airport.JPG
The first view of JFK Airport.
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Airport

Daphne meets up with Matt at John F. Kennedy International Airport (abbreviated as JFK or JFK Airport) when Matt returns from Botswana, Africa.

Notable Locations

  • Food court

Notable Visitors



Mr. Bennet enters Mohinder's taxi and asks to go to JFK airport.

Dying of the Light

Daphne Millbrook meets up with Linderman, who is actually an illusion created by Maury Parkman, to discuss the recruitment of Matt Parkman, who is arriving back in New York after his sojourn in Africa. She then returns, Matt tells her it's their destiny to be together, Daphne doesn't believe him and goes to leave when Matt mentions their baby, Daniella . Daphne wonders how he knew how the baby received it's name, and he tells her it's because they're meant to be.


Noah Bennet asks Mohinder to go to JFK airport.


  • The scenes in Dying of the Light that took place in the airport were actually filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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