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Jason faces off against the Sleepless Dragon.

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Jason is a hero in ancient Greek mythology.


Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Charles Deveaux persuades a cop and another man to go watch Jason and the Argonauts. He tries to convince a larger crowd to see the movie, too, but is hit across the face by an officer.

Heroes Evolutions

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A hero of Greek mythology, Jason led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece, the mythological fleece of a winged ram whose discoverer would be granted the kingship of Thessaly. To find the fleece, Jason embarked on a long and dangerous quest that, like Ulysses, took him to the most dangerous realms of ancient Greek lore.

  • Jason was educated by the centaur named Chiron, who taught him bravery and wisdom.
  • He was sent by the fearful ruler Pelias to retrieve the Golden Fleece, a task thought impossible for someone as young as Jason.
  • Jason accepted the challenge and assembled an army known as the Argonauts.
  • When Jason aided the Thracean king Phineus against his battle with the evil Harpies, the king revealed the location of Colchis to Jason. This was where he would find the Golden Fleece.
  • Once in Colchis, King Aeetes promised to give Jason the Golden Fleece if he could perform three specific tasks.
  • Aeetes' daughter Medea helped Jason in his tasks, which included plowing a field with a fire-breathing oxen, sowing the teeth of a dragon into the field, and defeating the army of warriors created by the dragon's teeth.
  • His last task was to get past the sleepless Dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece. Jason doused the dragon with a sleeping potion from Medea and obtained the Golden Fleece. He then left Colchis with Medea and returned a hero.

Why He Is a Hero

Wisdom and bravery are the defining characteristics that make Jason a hero. In a very real way, these are the twin pillars that define all heroes, making Jason, perhaps, the world's first "action hero" and a role model for all heroes--both real and imaginary--to come.


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