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First reference: Dying of the Light
"Barbie" on Wikipedia

Claire is sometimes referred to by Eric Doyle as "Barbie".


Barbie is the brand name of a series of dolls created by businesswoman Ruth Handler and produced by Mattel since 1959 . It is still viewed nowadays as an iconic toy and important fashion doll.


Dying of the Light

Eric Doyle uses his powers to force Claire and Sandra Bennet, and Meredith Gordon to sit around a table where he places a gun for a game of Russian Roulette. Claire interrupts him to demand what he wants. Doyle then calls her Barbie and says he wants to not be interrupted.

Doyle refers to Claire as "Barbie" when he states that Meredith is the "fun aunt that Barbie really looks up to."

Doyle calls Claire "Barbie" a third time when he tells her that these may be her last words before making Sandra shoot her.


Eric Doyle appears in Claire Bennet's kitchen and greets her while calling her Barbie.

Shades of Gray

Eric Doyle refers to Claire as "comes-back-to-life Barbie".

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 1

Eric Doyle records a message for "Barbie", referring to Claire.

Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 4

Eric Doyle calls Claire "Barbie" in a video message.

The Fifth Stage

When Claire meets Eric Doyle at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, Eric calls Claire "Barbie".

Upon This Rock

Eric Doyle asks Claire, "What do you think you're doing, Barbie?" when he catches her going through Samuel Sullivan's trailer.

He also says, "We're a family. You wouldn't understand that, would you, Barbie?"


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