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Gannon Car Rentals

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Gannon Car Rentals
Gannon Car Rentals.jpg
Jessica holds a pamphlet from Gannon.

First reference: The Fix

Gannon Car Rentals is a fictional car rental company used by many in Heroes, and oft-seen on other television series.


The Fix

Kaito sends his assistant to find Hiro. He and Ando are found in a parking garage in New York City. The assistant sits them down, reaches into his pocket, and pulls out tickets to Tokyo along with two pamphlets for Gannon Car Rentals. He gives them to his captives, but they refuse.


Mr. Linderman sends Jessica on a mission to Los Angeles to kill a traitor. At her home, Jessica opens a package from the magnate, which includes a car rental pamphlet from Gannon.

Later, Mr. Linderman sends Jessica another packet with a new target and a new pamphlet.


At a Texas airport, Claire steals the Haitian's passport, travel information, and Gannon pamphlet; she tosses them in the trash before leaving.


At the Burnt Toast Diner, Matt, Mr. Bennet, and Ted discuss going to New York City to take out the Company's tracking system. Mr. Bennet hands Matt some papers, including a pamphlet from Gannon.

Heroes / Lost Crossover

Many have speculated on a Lost/Heroes connection because of the frequent appearance of Gannon Car Rentals brochures on the two shows. The two series have many similarities, including a serial design, mysteries surrounding characters, large audiences, and additional online content. A crossover would be somewhat revolutionary, given that the two shows are on different networks. In fact, when Nathan talked about rounding people up and sticking them "in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean" (Unexpected), bloggers and fanboys got excited about the potential Lost reference. Further, Jeph Loeb, who used to work on Lost, penned Nathan's line. This, coupled with back-to-back appearances of the Gannon pamphlet on the two shows fueled the speculation.

However, creators of the two shows have been quite vocal about debunking any theories that the two shows reference each other or exist in each other's universes. In a Q&A session, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite said that Nathan's island line was a reference to Marvel's X-Men, not Lost. Carlton Cuse, creator of Lost, told The Boston Globe, "Sometimes, a rental-car pamphlet is just a rental-car pamphlet." It should be noted, however, that Tim Kring and the creators of Lost do speak with each other, share ideas, and are influenced by each other's shows.


  • Gannon Car Rentals is a business name reserved for television and movies, much like the 555 telephone prefix.


Unlimited Free Mileage Nationwide

  • Certificate is valid for $15 off upgrade charges (not valid on time and mileage). Upgrade subject to availability at time of rental, as certain types may not be available
  • Valid on economy car and above.


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