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The Doomsday Clock was originally set to 11:53.

First reference: Seven Minutes to Midnight
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The time 11:53 is referenced many times in Heroes.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

At the Burnt Toast Diner, a mysterious figure wears a watch that reads 11:53.

Later, Sylar kills Chandra and breaks his watch so it permanently reads 11:53.

The Kindness of Strangers

Sylar glances at his watch, which is stuck at 11:53.

I Am Become Death

In the future, Sylar's watch is still broken and reading 11:53.

June 13th, Part Two

Angela tells Noah of her dream, which includes death and destruction beneath a clock tower whose hands are at 11:53.

11:53 to Odessa

Ren Shimosawa boards bus number 1153 to Odessa.

Send in the Clones

Micah tells Farah, Carlos, and Jose that there will be two massive solar flares. The flare that will destroy the Earth will hit at 11:53.

Project Reborn

As the Odessa Clock Tower reads 11:53, the H.E.L.E. threatens to destroy the Earth.

Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 3

Farah Nazan wears a watch that reads 11:53.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

At the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a copy of Sylar's watch, broken and stuck at 11:53.


  • The time 11:53 is a reference to the Doomsday Clock, which symbolically counts down the time to nuclear war. In 1947, the clock was originally set to 11:53. Though the time on the clock has changed over the years, at the time that Heroes first referenced the clock, the time was again set to 11:53.
  • Two episode titles refer to 11:53 — Seven Minutes to Midnight (from the first season of Heroes) and 11:53 to Odessa (from Heroes Reborn).


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