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Empathic manipulation

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Empathic manipulation
Joseph's ability.jpg
Held by: Syn Anders,
Morgan Harvey,
Joseph Sullivan (deceased)
Ability to: Manipulate and control other people's emotions

Empathic manipulation is the ability to alter others' emotions and feelings.



Syn Anders

Syn has the ability of altering people's emotions by physically touching them. She can control a myriad of sentiments, both positive and negative. So far, it has been reported that she's capable of inducing happiness, joy, sympathy, anger, depression, sadness and fear. Syn can also control the intensity of these emotions: for instance, the positive emotions she creates can range from a simple smile to extreme happiness. The current emotional state of a person does not seem to pose a problem: she can suddenly move to tears someone who was previously experiencing intense joy. It appears that Syn can also affect multiple people at once: for instance, she can cause an angry mob or let the joy she creates spread to others.

So far, Syn cannot manipulate her own emotions.

Additionally, Syn has learned how to use her ability to persuade and manipulate others by altering their emotional state. She can even lead someone to suicide by evoking extreme depression.

Recently, Syn discovered a new aspect of her ability that allows her to feel the emotions contained in objects. She could feel the same emotions of some characters of a painting (Heroes Evolutions). The full extent of this aspect of her ability remains unclear.

Joseph Sullivan

In a list, Edgar said that Joseph Sullivan "controls emotions". Joseph was able to make Eric Doyle lose control over his ability and collapse. What emotions he manipulated to achieve this are unknown. Unlike Syn and Morgan Harvey, Joseph does not appear to require touch to use his ability.


  • After seeing some paintings in Habbo, Syn felt the same emotions of the people in the paintings (Heroes Evolutions).


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Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Empathic manipulation for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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