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First mentioned: January 26, 2009

Habbo is a social networking website, which once hosted Evolutions content.


Habbo is a virtual place which allows participants to create avatars ("habbos") in order to chat and talk with other members. Currently, it contains activities related to Heroes Evolutions due to a partnership with NBC.

Heroes Evolutions

Strange Paintings

On January 23, 2009, the following message was posted at the official NBC Heroes group at Habbo:

Who is behind them?

Some strange paintings have been brought to our attention. Do these scenes look familiar? They appear to be paintings of a couple previous Habbo campaigns.

They were found in an old email box that we haven't used in a long time and it appears that they were created prior to the actual campaigns started. How did they know?

Meet Syn Anders

Then, a new message was posted on January 26:

A Hero in Habbo

Remember those paintings we showed you on Friday? Well, the artist didn't come forward but someone else did. Her name is Syn Anders and she has the ability to manipulate someone's mood after physically touching them. Sure gives a new meaning to the power of persuasion.

Syn contacted us because when she saw the paintings, something new happened to her. She started to feel the same emotions of the people in the paintings. Now she is looking for the Habbo that submitted the paintings. She's hoping they have some answers for her.

Do you have any idea who it might be? Go here.

Discover Your Ability

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on January 27:

Recruiting Heroes

A note was found in Syn's room and it said "Find other Heroes in Habbo. You will Need them." We don't know who put the note in her room, but we suspect it is the same person who submitted the paintings.

Anyway, following the instructions we are recruiting heroes. Are you one? What is your ability? Take the test below to find out.

Answer the questions below to discover your ability, but before you do go to the Heroes group page here to learn more about the abilities.

Shortly after the poll is closed, you will receive a sticker of the symbol that represents your ability. You will also receive a Heroes background for participating in the poll. Since we want to recruit as many heroes as possible, tell your friends too. We need as many heroes as we can get.


Is your ability psychological or physiological?

  • Psychological
  • Physiological

How does it make you feel?

  • Afraid
  • Hopeful
  • Paranoid
  • Responsible

Is your ability a blessing or a curse?

  • Blessing
  • Curse

Do you regret having this ability?

  • Yes. Why did this happen to me?
  • No. I am destined for something great.

Which best describes your ability?

Mysterious Message

On January 28, a special message appeared in NBC Heroes group members' profiles:

Subject found in Habbo. For more information, go HERE. Write this down: Case File C021. Password XY948sA. Further instructions coming soon.

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on January 28:

What does it mean?

Syn received a strange message today. Did you? Could it be the same person who submitted the paintings? In case you didn't get the same message, the image is posted below.

The message talks about finding a “subject” and something about a case file and a password. Do you know what they are talking about? If you have any ideas, please tell us here. Don't forget to join the group!

A Heroic Quest

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on January 29:

Primatech Paper Assignment Tracker 2.0

Attention all Heroes

It appears that Syn is being watched and hunted, but why? Some of you already figured out that the mysterious message a bunch of us received yesterday was about a case file found on the Primatech Paper Assignment Tracker. Nice work! I told Syn the Habbos were smart.

For those of you who didn't find it, go to the Heroes group page. The information you need to start your quest is in the forums, but you must join the group in order to view the forums. This is for our own protection.

There seems to be a series of obstacles ahead. Do you have what it takes to get to the end? If you do, you will be rewarded with the official Heroes badge.

To give a fair chance to all the heroes out there, this quest will be open through mid-next week.

Nowhere to Hide

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on February 2:

Help out your fellow Heroes

A few updates. In an effort to prevent us from finding the truth, The Dusty Lounge was removed from the navigator. Since there is now no way to talk to Gary in the Dusty Lounge, go to the Heroes forums for help on the quest.

You should now have your ability sticker and Heroes background. Show your support by displaying them on your home and/or group pages.

Watch Heroes tonight on NBC. If you see anything strange, be sure to post any findings in the forums.

To Hide a Hero

By now, it's obvious that the Heroes are being hunted and the only chance we have at keeping them safe is to create as many distractions as possible. How do you do that? By building as many rooms as possible. The more rooms there are, the longer it will take to find them.

Build a distraction room to throw the bad guys off their trail. What should it look like? Pick your favorite character from the show and design a room that looks like one on the show. Need ideas? Go here for inspiration.

Pick one of these themes:

- Claire's Kitchen - Hiro's Office (cubicles) - Isaac's Loft - Nathan's Office - Mohinder's Lab

Submit a screenshot of your Heroes room to Subject line: HIDE A HERO / (Theme Room)


- You must use one of the themes/scenes listed above. - Email must have screen attached (no links) and contain your Habbo name.

Prize: The best room from each of the above themes will win a RARE black pillow.

Deadline to submit: Thursday, February 5, 2009 @ 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Good luck!

Winning Hide a Hero Rooms!

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on February 7:

Is it you?

Everyone did an excellent job of creating the great hiding spots for our Heroes. But a few stood out in the crowd and most resembled the locations on the show.

The winners in each theme and the new proud owners of the RARE black pillow are:

Claire's Kitchen - Snapple...Dude

Hiro's Office - Xx....U.....xX

Isaac's Loft - fL1rtyGaL

Mohinder's Lab - Clearr

Nathan's Office - avilaman

Please join me in congratulating the winners!

Wish Syn Good Luck

A new message was posted on the NBC Heroes group on February 9:

Heroes and Villains

Whose side are you on?

Congrats on surviving your first quest as a hero and successfully creating "dummy" rooms. With everything that she’s learned and with the help of her own ability, Syn is convinced she can help make things right by going after the bad guys. Who would suspect a teenager, right?

Wish her luck here.

While she is gone, Syn have asked that her new army of Heroes hold their ground in the hotel. If Syn is caught, surely the villains will come here first.

Be prepared. Don’t let them take over the hotel.

To be continued…

Quest Walkthrough

  • Make sure you have a Habbo account. Make one here.
  • Start at the A Heroic Quest thread, which links you to Syn's assignment tracker. Case File: C021 Password: XY948sA
  • At the bottom of the assignment tracker, note the name Gary at the Dusty Lounge.
  • Go to the Dusty Lounge, find Gary behind the bar, and say "Primatech". He'll tell you to search for a Habbo named Lighter.
  • Search Lighter and find his homepage. Click "Want Answers?" and enter the group's room.
  • Look through the furniture's descriptions for clues. The bed says "Search BEFORE you sleep."
  • Search BEFORE and find his homepage. Note the clue in the box on the left, "The password to get in the room is the city where Primatech is located."
  • Click the group's room, use the password "odessa", not capitalized.
  • Search the room for a Sticky (post-it note) and go to the URL listed.
  • Answer all of the survey questions. Answers: False, True, True, True, False, False, True.

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