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Samuel's victims

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Samuel's victims
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Samuel Sullivan made a sandstorm whirl around Sylar.

First occurrence: Orientation

Using his ability to control earth-based substances, Samuel Sullivan has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of the following victims.

List of victims

Direct Kills

  • Pig -- Samuel kills a pig to eat for the Christmas dinner. (Bloodlines, Part 1)
  • Joseph Sullivan -- After learning that Joseph had been hindering his powers and had called Danko to take him away, Samuel flung a rock through Joseph's throat, fatally wounding him. He blamed it on Danko and later Edgar, but Hiro and Lydia from the future learned the truth. (Thanksgiving)
  • Over 200 people in a small town -- Samuel uses his power to create a landslide that buries a small town. Lauren Gilmore says that 200 people died in that landslide, and more were still being dug up.

Ordered Kills

Other victims

Victims from Alternate Timelines

  • Mohinder Suresh — After learning of the film that can tell him how to increase his powers, Samuel goes after Mohinder for the film. After discovering that Mohinder burned it, Samuel flings rocks into Mohinder's chest, killing him. (Brother's Keeper)
  • Thousands of people in Central ParkAngela Petrelli has a dream where Samuel succeeds in creating his earthquake and he turns Central Park and part of New York City into a crater, killing thousands of people.


  • Samuel invited Captain Lubbock to the carnival, assuming that Sylar would kill the law officer. Though Samuel did not kill Lubbock (nor did Sylar—it was Edgar who murdered the captain), he is still partly responsible for bringing about Captain Lubbock's death. (Tabula Rasa)
  • In an alternative path of Slow Burn, Samuel kills Chris Bowman.
  • Samuel blamed his brother Joseph's death on Danko, but he was the one that did it and lied to protect himself. He did it out of anger and by accident, immediately regretting it, but couldn't change it and didn't have Hiro change it either despite it apparently happening the same night that he killed Mohinder initially.
  • At the end of chapter 10 of Slow Burn, Samuel gives the Bowmans a choice about killing The Watcher. If they decide to kill him, Chris, Samuel, and Bo take him into the woods, where the other carnies see a pillar of flame, as well as feel the earth shake.



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