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Clinical depression is a state of intense sadness, melancholia or despair. Some characters on Heroes either suffer from, or are rumored to suffer from depression.



At the abandoned refinery, Zach video tapes Claire seemingly trying to kill herself. After they finish, they start walking home. Claire says "I'm so depressed."

Don't Look Back

Angela Petrelli visits her son Peter in the hospital. She reveals to him that Mr. Petrelli was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at age 23, and that he took his own life as a result.

One Giant Leap

Nathan Petrelli holds a press conference in order to gain positive publicity for his campaign. During the conference, he reveals that his father suffered from depression, and that it was the cause of his death. He also alienates Peter by claiming that Peter followed in his father's footsteps and attempted a depression-related suicide.

At a Los Angeles bar, Matt hears a depressed woman thinking about what would happen if she just disappeared.

Nothing to Hide

Oliver Dennison sits on the veranda of the Petrellis' home, interviewing Nathan and his family for the New York Journal. Dennison pointedly asks the congressional candidate about being spotted with a blonde woman in Las Vegas, and his subsequent disappearance. Thinking quickly, Peter lies to the reporter and tells him that Nathan was meeting with a depression expert on Peter's behalf.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

After his wife dies, Ted Sprague is left alone, depressed, enraged, and confused.

Six Months Ago

In present day, Hiro is depressed as he returns to the diner where Ando greets him, telling him that despite traveling through time he wasn't able to save Charlie. Ando suggests he try again, but Hiro tells him that his power is bigger than he is and that he can't change the past. He tells Ando he has failed and places an origami crane at the makeshift memorial for Charlie.


Zane Taylor doesn't know how to handle his newfound powers, and becomes scared and agitated.


After Simone's death, Isaac becomes so despondent he turns his drug addiction.

Four Months Later...

Having lost his family and political career, Nathan is bearded and depressed, drinking heavily.

Four Months Ago...

After Niki takes pills, she suffers from depression as a side effect, preventing her from smiling at her son's birthday.

Angela tells Heidi that the Petrelli family has a dark secret — her husband had depression, which led to his suicide, and she believes that the disease has passed on to his sons.

I Am Become Death

Guilt ridden, Tracy tries to turn herself in to the police after she murders Jim McCann. However, she is too overwhelmed, freezes the phone, and starts crying. She later tries to commit suicide.


Sylar becomes distraught after killing his first victim.

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