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Webisode:Destiny, Part 1

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Destiny, Part 1
Let Us Pray
Webisode number: 4
First released: November 10, 2008
Destiny, Part 1.jpg
Written by: Adam Armus,
Kay Foster
Directed by: Eagle Egilsson
Previous Webisode: Going Postal, Part 3
Next Webisode: Destiny, Part 2
Has a miracle given Santiago newfound abilities--or is there something else?
On the streets of Lima, Peru, a new Hero discovers his powers.


Story Development

Accelerated probabilitySantiagoElisaIrisFather JuanEstebanSerious looking womanMariaLima, PeruLima cathedral



In Barranco, a district of Lima, Peru, a woman gathers vegetables from a street vendor's stand. Santiago walks past the stand and prepares to cross the street at an intersection. While waiting for the light to change; another woman that knows Santiago, Maria, walks up next to him, and notes that he is carrying the sacramental wine for mass and is late. He tells Maria that he will see her in church and walks into the street right when the light changes. However, the street guard signals for traffic to continue and a motorized scooter knocks Santiago in front of a moving van. Then, time slows down temporarily for Santiago and he visualizes a means to escape getting hit by the van and catch the bag of wine bottles that is now flying in the air, and does so. Afterward, Maria catches Santiago's soccer ball and returns it to him, wondering what just happened.

Later, Santiago sits in church with his mother, Iris, as a priest gives his sermon. Santiago plays with his soccer ball, and his mom tells him to stop fidgeting. He apologizes, claiming to have a lot on his mind. Iris responds that his father was right, that Santiago is a dreamer, but that he can't go through life without direction. Upon leaving church, Santiago explains to his mother that he can see the world of opportunity in front of him. He tells her of his experience with the van that almost hit him, calling it a miracle. Iris replies that God watches over all of us, that there is a reason God saved him, and that Santiago needs to find that reason.

As Iris talks, Santiago spots a young woman watching him in a park across the street from the church. His mother then reminds him to be home for dinner, and Santiago heads across the street towards the woman. He uses his new ability to sneak up on her, introduces himself, and learns her name is Elisa. She claims to have been away at school, and to have returned when her father got sick. Elisa continues that her parents don't have the money to pay for rent, and that she went to church to pray for answers. Santiago says that isn't stupid, and references the priest's sermon that people have to help each other. When another soccer player passes him, telling him the game is starting, Santiago encourages Elisa to stick around cause he has a feeling her prayers are going to be answered.

Santiago then goes towards the soccer field and joins the team, and Elisa meets with another woman who has been watching. Elisa tells the woman that Santiago is ready, and the woman tells her to get close to him, but to be careful. Elisa then dissolves into a puddle of water.

Memorable Quotes

"I have a feeling your prayers are going to be answered."

"And how would you know that?"

"It's just an instinct."

- Santiago, Elisa

Character Appearances


  • The Lima, Peru street scene was filmed on a downtown Los Angeles street.

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