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Devin Patterson

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Devin Patterson
AM Devin Patterson.jpg
First appearance Trust Issues, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death after March 23, 2007
Occupation Company agent

Devin Patterson was an agent working in the Company.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Together with Thompson, Jr. and Gael Cruz, he tracks down Cushing, an evolved human agent suspected of murder. They find him in a Borno Industries building, standing next to the dead body of Jamie Wu. Cushing flees and Devin and Thompson, Jr. take pursuit. When Cushing is about to kill Thompson, Jr., Devin arrives and shoots Cushing dead.

After the events, Thompson, Jr. shows Devin flowers sent by evsdropr.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 2

Devin watches as Donna walks past him, carrying the Cushing murder evidence to her desk in Primatech Research.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

Outside the Nat & Noo Hotel in Australia, Bianca Karina and Devin prepare to participate in a coordinated bagging and tagging. They enter upon receiving word to proceed from Julien, and spot their target behind the bar as he begins to flee. Devin gives chase, but Bianca is able to reach and incapacitate their target first.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

Devin argues with Gael Cruz at a Wannsee Lake while his partner explores the lake. He suggests that Gael is there to monitor his own fiancée, which he denies. That night, Devin prepares the stakeout to capture the German.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Devin and Bianca leave their van, after staking out the German's apartment building up until an hour after they expected the German to show. They enter the building and find that the German has been tipped off and entered his apartment through the back. They also find a photo of Gael on the German's desk with an empty automatic pistol holder. After Bianca notes that the German's information includes where Gael is staying, they rush to get to him.

They use the same van they used for the stakeout, and Devin drives them there fast. He just misses running over a cat and several people when he takes a shortcut over that passes a few pedestrian walkways.

They arrive at the hotel where Gael is resting just in time to witness the German shooting Gael in the stomach. Devin then distracts the German by shooting at him, allowing Bianca to free Gael. However, the German uses his ability to send multiple rounds from his gun into Devin, killing him.

Heroes Evolutions

While on stakeout in Berlin, Devin uses his PDA to take photographs of the location he believes the German plans to rob.


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