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Bianca Karina

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Bianca Karina
JB Bianca.jpg
Portrayed by Nancy McCrumb
First appearance Root and Branch, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Lung adaptation
Nickname Lung Girl
Age 29
Date of birth January 25, 1978
Place of birth St. Louis, MO
Date of death After March 20, 2007
Occupation Agent of the Company
Significant other Gael Cruz (deceased)

Bianca Karina was an agent of The Company and was engaged to fellow agent Gael Cruz. Bianca was described as one of the best agents in Bob Bishop's disposal, but nonetheless was killed by Sylar. Bianca was an evolved human with the ability to breathe in any environment.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

Outside the Nat & Noo Hotel in Australia, Bianca Karina and Devin Patterson prepare to participate in a coordinated bag and tag. They enter upon receiving word to proceed from "Julien", and spot their target behind the bar as he begins to flee. As Devin gives chase, Bianca thrusts her legs over the bar and knocks the target out with a swift kick.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

Bianca explores Wannsee Lake using her ability to breathe anywhere. She later goes to dinner with her fiancé Gael Cruz, who tells her that there may be a mole in the Company who has a special ability. Bianca realizes that he is under orders to monitor her. Angered, she leaves to join Devin on his stakeout for the German.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Devin and Bianca leave their van, after staking out the German's apartment building up until an hour after they expected the German to show. They enter the building and find that the German has been tipped off and entered his apartment through the back. They also find a photo of Gael on the German's desk with an empty automatic pistol holder. After Bianca notes that the German's information includes where Gael is staying, they rush to get to him.

They use the same van they used for the stakeout, and Bianca asks Gael to drive fast as she tries fruitlessly to reach Gael on his cellphone.

They arrive at the hotel where Gael is resting just in time to witness the German shooting Gael in the stomach. Devin then distracts the German by shooting at him, allowing Bianca to free Gael. After the German kills Devin, Bianca uses a gas cannister to partially blind and suffocate the German. Since Bianca is immune to the gas's effects, she is able to use the distraction to knock the German out, capturing him alive.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

After the unsuccessful Berlin mission, Gael comes to the conclusion that someone is trying to bring down the Company from the inside. Bianca suggests that they start their investigation by checking everyone's phone records. An hour later, she accompanies Gael to confront Donna Dunlap about her phone being located in the bushes outside the facility. As Gael interrogates Donna, Bianca defends her and chastises Gael for his outrageous behavior. As the argument escalates and lines are drawn, Bianca sides with the evolved human agents against the human agents.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

When Thompson ends the brawl by opening a gas canister, Bianca, unaffected, leaves the training room, frees Donna from the interrogation room and sends her to a motel.

Later on, when Gael comes to, Bianca tells him that he is staying there until he's calmed down and grants him a phone call when he asks for it.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Bianca stands with Gael in Primatech Research as Gael talks to Thompson, Jr. on the phone.

Bianca attempts to apprehend Sylar.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Bianca stands with Gael as he gives orders during the raid on Evs Dropper's cabin.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Bianca and Gael are in a car escorting Sabine, Julien, and "the package". When Eric Thompson contacts Bianca asking for backup on the bridge, Gael orders her to ignore Thompson. Later, when a group of Julien clones ambushes them, Gael orders Bianca to kill Julien, instantaneously killing all the clones.

The Butterfly Effect

Karina and Gael are sent to subdue Sylar after he steals Claire Bennet's ability. Bianca shoots Sylar, but Sylar recovers and telekinetically throws his assailant onto her car, killing her and her partner. Bob later mentions that Karina was one of the Company's best agents.

Graphic Novel:Dreams Until Death

Bianca pursues Sylar to Costa Verde. En route, Bianca worries that her power will be stolen by him, and she asks Gael to make sure this doesn't happen. When the engaged couple tries to apprehend Sylar, their tasers and gunfire are no match for Sylar's telekinesis and ability to heal. Gael tells Sylar that he is the evolved human agent, and Sylar snaps Bianca's neck. When Gael is killed too, the lovers die together hand-in-hand.

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar visits the Company's gallery, where Bianca's portrait is hung in remembrance among those of other deceased agents, including Gael's.

Heroes Evolutions has an Assignment Tracker profile on Bianca (file: C015; password: BKoir72mn). Her personal history reads:

Profile photo

Bianca Karina was born to French immigrants in St. Louis, Missouri. Her grandparents had been the first of her family to move to the United States, and Bianca's parents both worked full-time during her childhood to support the extended family. As a result, Bianca spent significant amounts of time alone as a child, despite an apparently loving relationship with her parents. In fact, Bianca's childhood appears to have revolved around worship of her father, even though she was able to spend little time with him.

After high school, Bianca attended an all-girls college in Massachusetts, where she joined the school swim team. When a teammate pointed out one day that Bianca seemed never to pause for breath, Bianca began to recognize that there was something different about her. Disturbed, she hid the ability from others, while cautiously experimenting with her limits. When it became clear to her that she was able to survive without breathing for extended periods of time, she became more aggressive in her tests. But Bianca's self-experimentation came to an end when her roommate found her with a bag over her head and thought Bianca was trying to commit suicide.

Counseling records filed by the college psychologist led to Bianca being approached by Gael Cruz. Bianca was immediately receptive to Cruz, apparently in reaction to his personality and it's slight resemblance to that of her father's. When Cruz revealed his connection to the Company and attempted to recruit Bianca, she agreed immediately.

Bianca has transitioned quickly into life as an agent. She reacted eagerly to additional details regarding her lung adaptation and to the news that there were many others in the world with unique abilities. Additionally, her relationship with has Cruz flourished. Bianca and Cruz recently became engaged while on vacation in Paris, France.

During a recent bag and tag operation in Germany, Bianca reacted strongly when questioned as part of a counter-intelligence investigation. However, when the subject captured Cruz and killed Bianca's partner, Devin Patterson, Bianca was able to subdue the subject and rescue Cruz. [SENTENCE DELETED: ACTIVE INVESTIGATION]

The case file also includes a psychological profile:

Bianca's solitary childhood has proven to be extremely formative for her adult psyche. She prides herself on her independence and self-sufficiency, but in fact, this confidence is compensation for insecurity regarding her social acceptability. Similarly, her worship of father-figures is a defense mechanism used internally to explain her perceived lack of social connections: only powerful, confident, masculine figures are judged capable of recognizing her "true" value.

The manifestation of her ability was initially a serious threat to her psychological stability, reinforcing her unconscious fears of being socially unacceptable. But she has been validated by the approval and identity that she has realized through the Company, and Cruz's adulation has proven to be an adequate substitute for the acceptance which she now feels that she can never expect from her biological father.

However, psychological pressures cause her to lean more heavily on these support mechanisms, which can lead to distraction and misplaced loyalties. Furthermore, if her support mechanisms are themselves threatened, the results could be extreme. An example of a positive effect is her aggressive and ultimately successful efforts to subdue a dangerous subject and rescue Cruz during her recent Berlin operation. On the other hand, negative examples of her co-dependency include her reaction to questioning during the same Berlin operation; such questioning threatened not only her perception of her acceptance as an individual through her involvement with the Company, but her relationship with Cruz. In a sense, Bianca's psychological health is now tied directly to that of the Company and Cruz.

At C015Diagram.jpg

Evolved Human Abilities

Bianca has the ability to hold her breath for any length of time. This includes breathing underwater (Berlin, Part 1) and as a defense against toxic fumes and poisonous gas.(Berlin, Part 2).

According to her assignment tracker file at, Bianca's control index is 80%. Her data analysis shows her biological level at 85, cerebral at 25, elemental at 65, and temporal/spatial at 40.

Cranial imaging

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Bianca Karina for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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