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Evs Dropper's messages

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Evs Dropper's messages

evsdropr sends Heroes Evolutions players clues and updates via text message and email.

First mentioned: March 10, 2008

After Hana Gitelman's death, a mysterious person began sending emails and text messages to Hana's contacts, much like the messages Hana used to send. The new person leaked clues, eventually revealing their username: "evsdropr".


The following is an archive of the emails and text messages sent to players by evsdropr.


March 2008April 2008May 2008June 2008July 2008August 2008September 2008October 2008

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DonnaPhone CallSabine HazelDumont's Assignment TrackerThompson's voicemailsThe German


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Date Via Text Via Email See Also
March 10, 2008 Hana n Druckr r gon 4 good. but Ive discvred HG contacts so ull be hearing frm me now. Subject: Salutations

I'll keep this first email short, but expect to hear more from me in the future. Hana and Drucker are no more. Check out the link to Primatech's Assignment Tracker:

I've stumbled across Hana's contacts; so from now on I will be the one writing to you. source code
March 11, 2008 They've Posted new fan submisSions on dream site. see them here - Subject: dream study submissions

postings of new dream submissions have been added to the activating evolutions dream study site at sapan appears to be adding submissions more frequently now, collecting data for his studies on dreams and their relationshiP to the human pSyche. Dream Study
March 12, 2008 Check out the profiles on Subject: riddles

I am one year younger than Ben Franklin was when he retired from printing.

How many times does Takezo Kensei love?
March 13, 2008 Look what I found. New videos of dream exprets at Subject: Dream Videos

Remember Dr. Wayne Grody? Expect to see more intreviews with him and other dream experts on in the near future, until next time... Dream Study
March 14, 2008 After poking around Hana's files I found this hidden page. Check out the link. Subject: final riddle

Check this page I found out...

I am two letters within one word, three letters apart.

Put all the letter clues from this week together to find my identity.

Hana's website: the needle
March 18, 2008 Linderman s old tech guy is out of hiding. See what he s been up to here: Subject: Brian's out of hiding

Brian has been under the radar for quite a while. Check out why here:

His blog has been updated for the first time in almost a year. It looks like Brian's now on a search for the people that wronged him, and looking to get his revenge. Look for the easter egg in the comic for a link to his webpage.

On the Lam, brianundaunted
March 19, 2008 More dream expert videos posted at Subject: My Identity

You aren't going to get the whole enchilada at once. I've only given you enough to point you in the right direction. Check out the new videos on the Dream Site here:

My identity is hidden in the doctor's names, take some, ditch some, move 'em around.

Brian knows nothing, don't listen to him.
March 20, 2008 I am 8 letters found within the dream experts name and titles. Subject: Yesterday's clues

I'll be more specific... my identity is hidden in the dream experts names and titles on Delete some and scramble them around. Don't trust anyone.
March 24, 2008 How many times does Takezo Kensei "love"? Subject: Dream video postings

More postings can be found at It seems as though Sapan Gowda is building an Archive of videos to view and learn about the phenomenon of dreaming.
March 26, 2008 You guys figured out my user name, finding out who I actually am isn't going to be so easy. You'll be hearing from me Subject: Touche

You've stumbled across my user name -

To find out my real identity, it's going to be a bigger challenge. For now it's best I remain anonymous. Until next time. Evs.

9th Wonders boards
April 1, 2008 I had a girl _ was her name. Since she left me, I've never been the same. Subject: Piper and Debbie

Good ole Noah, always full of surprises. He and the Haitian always have a few tricks up their sleeve, see them here -

Different and the Same
April 8, 2008 (*) I'm a small village located in Peoria County, Illinois. Subject:Humble Beginnings

Linda Tavara was one messed up girl. She got to know one of Molly Walker's relatives well, maybe too well. Check it out at

Moonlight Serenade
April 8, 2008 (*) I m a small village located in Peoria County, Illinois.
April 23, 2008 Want 2 know more bout Donna? Check out hr Assignment Trakr profile that was just added. Subject: Assignment Tracker Profile

Donna Dunlap's profile has been added to Primatech's Assignment Tracker page. Look for a clue to the password here:,
April 29, 2008 Need ur help. Company agnts may b involvd. Subject: Help

Things seem to be getting out of control. See here: h I really need your help. I thought I could do everything with Donna, but she might be in over her head. I found this character string 7-!$-9-*-19-@!-3

Any ideas?

Career Choices
May 8, 2008 I'm glad Noah got rid of that punk kid's father. I think the agents are getting a little too trigger-happy, what do you think? Subject: Agent Cushing

The Company is confused; their levels of trust are waning.

The problem is with the Company. Read Leo Cushing's Assignment Tracker profile and you'll see what I'm talking about. You can access the file at

-Evs Dropper
May 13, 2008 It appears that while Bennet remains locked away in Level 5, his voicemails r being forwarded to Agent Thompson Jr. Subject: Thompson's voicemail

Bennet's been deactivated temporarily, but his voicemails have been forwarded to Thompson. I don't think Noah would be very happy if he knew this. Look what I found at
May 28, 2008 check out Assignment Tracker for the latest breakthru in cosmetology Subject: Company on the move

I hear you might have a password that needs a home. Well, the Assignment Tracker just got a facelift...

Company teams are in the air: coordinated operation. Did some homework on the agents in play, found something: Agent Sabine Hazel left this email time-queued to send to another agent AFTER her planned return date.

siafb ainny ethha izneg lhsaa pbpie nnesh taozm eelcs haebc iknje uhlai zeenl

Very important that I know what this says. See what you can turn up.
June 25, 2008 Thompson's voicemail: 1-800-774-6216 Go through HRG's extention to get Thompson's. passcode: 42307 Subject: Thompson's Voicemails

I've uploaded some of Thompson's voicemails at Everyone seems to know that there is a mole in the Company, but my identity still remains a secret. So far everything is working out exactly as I had planned. Pretty soon I'll be able to just sit back and watch the Company destroy itself. Now, won't that be a sight to see?

Call 1-800-PRIMA16. Entr: 42307#
June 30, 2008 Got into Patterson's PDA. Found some doc photos. I linked the footage 2 the German's Assignment Tracker. Anything useful? 1-800-PRIMA16, same passcode as before Subject: PDA photos

Bianca Karina was the PDA password, huh? Sometimes it's the simple things. Think Patterson has eyes for his partner? That might be useful. Maybe not.

I'm looking at the footage I got of Patterson's PDA. He shot some pics of a desk, apparently the German's, although I don't recognize all the info. See if you can piece together anything useable before the Company does. I posted the surveillance of Patterson's PDA on the German's Assignment Tracker for now. Check it out at

Devin's PDA
July 02, 2008 Either our European friend dies or a passenger plane goes down. Help me out. Check ur email or 9th Wonders at Subject: The German's flight plans

I've got plans for our metal-bending German friend, but we've hit a major snag. Dekker even called Thompson back at the Company to report it (

The extraction team has drugged him so he doesn't throw any bullets or planes around, but he's still fighting it: he's started emanating an unconscious electromagnetic field that's interfering with electronics for a quarter-mile around.

The team has partially shielded their plane so it can fly, but when they take off, every other plane in the vicinity might drop like a rock. Cargo planes we can risk, but a commercial passenger jet crash would bring too much attention. We need to get that team off the ground before the Company decides to the plug on the walking magnet; not only would that be a waste of the trouble it took to get him, but I have some very important plans for pet German.

So here's the deal. According to the flight schedule, there are five planes taking off around the same time as the German. If we can prove that no passenger planes are within at least two runways of us, they've got a green light to launch.

Unfortunately, I don't know what runways those planes using.

I've got air traffic control communications, cargo records, and maintenance logs, and here's what they do tell me. The five planes are each carrying one of the following cargoes: heavy machinery, seafood, electronics, mail, and passengers. The five planes seem to be an Airbus A320, an MD-80, a 737, a DC-9, and an A300. The flight numbers are 227, 639, 91, 128, and 555. The team reports that there are five runways, numbered 1 to 5 from north to south.

The Company plane will be on a charter strip south of Runway 5. Get me proof that there are two runways between the German and the nearest passenger plane.

  • According to air traffic control, Flight 227 and Flight 639 have to have two runways in between them in order to have room to turn to their proper headings.
  • The flight schedule also says that Flight 91 is taking off from a runway somewhere south of Flight 128's, in order to avoid blocking Flight 128 in its terminal while taxiing.
  • The maintenance log has an entry that indicates that the A320 and A300 parts were switched and delivered to the wrong service areas and had to be--heavily underlined--"hand-carried" across the two intervening runway areas. The log refers to the A300 being "north," which would make it on a lower-numbered runway.
  • An air traffic controller memo mentions Flight 555 being moved to Runway 3.
  • One of the maintenance crews that carried the A300 parts to their correct location noted being able to smell the "fresh" seafood being loaded on a cargo plane even from three runways away (so, two intervening runways).
  • Flight 227 complained to air traffic control about planes regularly being loaded with heavy machinery on the tarmac two runways away.
  • The cargo records mention the electronics and the mail being delivered to planes separated by two runways. The records referred to the mail being sent to the "south tarmac," which would make it a higher-numbered runway.
  • The MD-80 was serviced on the runway right next to the A320.
  • Flight 227 has dedicated use of the high-tech loading facilities on Runway 4.
  • The Company team has observed that the long Runway 3 seems to be dedicated to Boeing 737s.
July 07, 2008 Thompson's been receiving a high volume of voicemails. Check them out on your comp at Subject: Getting cautious

I'm not so sure that 9th wonders is the safest place for me to be posting anymore. I'm searching for a new outlet. I've posted a few more of Thompson's voicemails so you're all in the loop of everything that's going on in and out of the Company. Check the thread:
July 10, 2008 I've been picking through the trash at the Company. Like jigsaw puzzles? Check this out: Subject: Taking out the trash

So the shredder is out on the next floor. Somebody has been making do with scissors and their friendly neighborhood trash can. (Don't ask how I know this.) Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Good... Check this out:
July 15, 2008 Want a little more information on our friend, "The German," check out his Assignment Tracker profile Subject: Updates...

Check out the Company's write-up on "The German": /assignmentTracker.php?subject=7aed799a7ce94f78811b22f2189f4997.

Fools. They've made an art of overlooking the obvious. The German has a few surprises up his sleeve yet...
July 16, 2008 New AT profile up.The Company is getting a little coy w/ security. This make sense? qC6?52?
Subject: Descramble

The Company just posted a new AT profile. They've been getting a little coy with security now that they suspect a mole. I think this is the AT profile password, but they want us to work for it: qC6?52?

I've been hearing rumblings of a major sting operation or something. Might be some changes coming up soon...

Access Assignment Tracker here:
July 23, 2008 The Kill Squad is as sneaky as they come; they better not jeopardize my mission. See them here: Subject: Sneaky Bastards

The kill squad has no real purpose for killing specials besides flexing testosterone. See for yourselves at: They are not on my side, however, it's likely that they'll wipe out some of the agents that are still in my way. Keep an eye on Fallon and his team, for they may cause some serious damage. At least my actions have reasons.

The Kill Squad, Part 3
July 29, 2008 New guy in the funhouse! Want 2 know how he got bagged? A text the Company snagged. Could u have cracked it? Check email or 9thWonders. Subject: New guy in the funhouse

Well, there's a new guy in the funhouse! (See here - Want to know how he got bagged? A text message the Company snagged. Could you have cracked it? Here's what they intercepted:

"I used MY code this time. cprn ewh tutq mk iooab loaz tilbf I jqq nub xnue ghkg poatq hgzz suurotm V as abrxg V dol aoz cadkzftgvq I sqfs ewh bglyy O pnvk ab mgvl qamftowas O pbpk gbu gzr oqil I gu bkgg wuyb fcgzrd O iz szilito nt ewhr vieetb'f cgjvn ov Nrxwjhkiq Mkmg mk euet gbu iia I cqyl hm jaobvnm Q yobm loa"
July 31, 2008 EDgch49la Subject: Echo Demille‏

Learn more about our newest member of the Level 5 family at
August 5, 2008

Know anything about evolved humans?

Subject: Assignment Tracker Map

It's time to take this up a notch. I'm going to start getting you guys some direct access into The Company systems. For starters, this is their "tips map" where they track leads about possible posthuman activity. Check it out at

I confess I'm showing off a bit by giving you this. The Company has quietly started tracking even its own agents. Talk about losing trust? We're making cracks!

Anyway, here's the plan. The Trojan I've planted on their system is two-way, so if you've got any leads (real or fake) on posthumans that you want to add, go at it. We can start spreading their resources out until they snap.

We're in the final stretch, I can feel it. When I was young, I dreamed about facing off against Goliaths like The Company, and stomping them into the dirt. I wake up at night and think about the stuff I can do to them. Lots of it would be suicide, but I play it in my head, over and over. I want these people to suffer. I want everything they try to turn on them and eat them whole. I want them to lose and lose big and know why and who. I want this to end in a smoking crater without a shred of these animals left. I won't stop. Never.
August 8, 2008 Subject: The Company's first response

Want to see something hilarious? I snagged this off an executive email server at the Company: "I promise that the disruption of the intel-tracker will be resolved soon. Network Engineering reports that the vandalism appears to be coming from multiple internal sources. Respectfully, I remind you of my earlier prediction that adding the 'posthuman' agents to the tracker would escalate suspicion between the two factions. I have to suggest that this attack is part of the ongoing tensions between our own human and powered agents. Gael."

August 11, 2008 Keep the tips coming. I love making the Company's higher-ups look like fools. Subject: Change of Plans

Just intercepted this: "Cruz: Your request for an additional week to trace the disruption is denied. The intel-tracker has become an embarrassment. Get it under control or terminate it." Good news, right? Then I noticed something: a fake tip I posted just got elevated to an investigation. That means a whole agent team, analysts, satellites, the works, is being wasted, looking for nothing. That Map: is going to be our best friend! From here on out, every tip that goes on there needs to look like the real article. Stick to their template, keep it vague. Let's see how many agents we can hook.
August 14, 2008 Close call today. They're getting desperate. Subject: Stay the Course

Friends, allies, they're getting close. Got to keep moving just a little bit faster. Unfortunately, having to lay a little low for a few days. This place is a kicked-over bees' nest. At least it gives time to think. Not always pleasant, but necessary. Living in the midst of your enemy ... sometimes you forget there's something else. Dulls you. That's when you go back to the source. Picture the faces. Work yourself back up. Crossed paths with S today. That's all it took. Back in the groove! It eats you, too. Can't be helped. We're almost there.


Remember this email?

"Getting cautious":
I'm not so sure that 9th wonders is the safest place for me to be posting anymore. I'm searching for a new outlet. I've posted a few more of Thompson's voicemails so you're all in the loop of everything that's going on in and out of the Company. Check the thread:

Stay tuned for an update. I've finally found a safer place to post Company secrets.
August 22, 2008 I've started a group where you can find out Company secrets instantaneously. Curious? Subject: Agent Chatter

Okay, allies, this is the home stretch. Tension is so thick around here you could cut it up with a knife and take a piece home as a souvenir. You've done well by me, and it's time for me to show you more of the picture. I get a lot of my info from Trojan viruses that I've planted on the Company servers. I'm going to port the incoming data onto a private site so you can monitor Company chatter in real-time. Be ready to respond fast if I call for help. Seems corporate sites have better security. Look for the data, create a profile, and join my group to keep an eye on the chatter at

Evs Dropper's blog
August 27, 2008 The Evs Dropper group page I've started at MyNBC has a Trojan importing Company agent info. Join it. Updates r random. Subject: RE: Agent Chatter

Wanna see how invasive the Company really is? They're capable of snatching any number of communications from the database. We just have to see what the Trojan is lucky enough to intercept or dig up. Latest updates at:

Evs Dropper's blog
September 2, 2008 Gael's coming 4 us, however his causalities will surely hurt more than mine. Subject: Clone Army

This is just the beginning. I've been training my clone army for quite awhile now. The Company sure did snooze on this one. See it here:

Wait until you see what we have in store for them. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Into the Wild, Part 1
September 9, 2008 <trojan_intercept:ALERT> Evs Dropper identity flagged in official Company correspondence. Request instructions. Subject: <trojan_intercept:ALERT>

Evs Dropper identity flagged in official Company correspondence. Active counter-intelligence operations detected. Information security alerted. Request instructions. (Attempt: 4)

Evs Dropper's blog
September 18, 2008 <trojan_intercept>:objLogFile.Close. Subject: <trojan_intercept>:error.code

<trojan_intercept>:objLogFile.Close. Connection to

Evs Dropper's blog
September 23, 2008 Connie trusted you. Do you support those with abilities? We need you.
Subject: We need your help

The war is over, and yet it's just begun. The Company is in shambles right now. Many of those who are left are calling for drastic -- even lethal -- action against anyone who could pose a threat. Unfortunately, that is often interpreted as anyone with abilities, and so we are fighting for our lives.

Connie Logan was one of us: a person with abilities, fighting to survive. She trusted you, and so we are willing to take a chance. We are reactivating her trojan virus, and we will use it to push information to you.

Together, we have to convince the remaining forces in the Company that now is not the time for rash action. Stay in touch.

Evs Dropper's blog
September 23, 2008 You may be contacted by someone. Do not trust them. Villains must be caught. We and the innocent world need your help.
Subject: Track the villains

Now that the Level 5 villains are out of their cages, we've got our hands full. We're going to need your help in tracking these highly dangerous individuals so that we can bring them to justice. We're reactivating your access to the Company's networks: Attain as much information as you can about our ongoing operations.

Evs Dropper's blog
September 26, 2008 My name is Agent Lisa Messer. I'll be posting operations against escaped villains this weekend. Help us. Subject: Villains loose. Help us.

My name is Agent Lisa Messer. You already know me as the one who has been posting against Connie Logan's hot-headed friends. I don't speak for the Company, but I know you're out there, and I have a proposition. You've heard that the Company is struggling, and you're right. But that doesn't change that there are extremely dangerous, evil monsters out there, some of them released indirectly through YOUR actions. Nobody is prepared to recapture them except this Company. You're part of this now, whether you like it or not. So help us stop the threats. I will be posting active operations on Connie Logan's Trojan site throughout the weekend.

Evs Dropper's blog
September 26, 2008 If you were a friend of Evs-Dropper and people with abilities, you won't help the Company.

Subject: Consider the consequences...

You've been asked for help by a faction within the Company that wants business as normal. But things are NOT NORMAL here. Key people are dead. Leadership is being shuffled. Feelings are high, especially against those with abilities. Now is not the time to be hunting down those people! We are entering a new era. Please consider the consequences!

Evs Dropper's blog
September 30, 2008 Operation is on. Are you in? -- Messer

Subject: Operation Snake: Are you in?

Operation Snake is a go. Our team is in the air. Airstrip looks good, thanks.

However, we've hit another snag and our team just doesn't have the manpower to wrap it up in time. This is where you come in. I'll tell you more in the Operation Snake post:

By the way, in case you missed the news, another baddie just bit the dust. Read the scum's AT profile here:

--Agent Liza Messer

Evs Dropper's blog
Assignment tracker map
October 7, 2008 This is FOCL. Agent Liza Messer is dead. And there is more.

Subject: We've all been fooled.

Sorry for dropping out of sight the last few days. We've been on the road. Agent Liza Messer is dead. And no, we didn't do it. It gets worse:

Evs Dropper's blog
October 10, 2008 We've found their next target. Know this face?

Subject: The truth about Liza Messer

The Company has launched a full investigation of the "Liza/Lisa Messer" person and his operatives. We've turned up some disturbing information about them. This looks like only the beginning of something much, much bigger. --FOCL

Evs Dropper's blog
October 14, 2008 New Assignment Tracker Profile available: Stephen Canfield. Subject: Contractor Opportunities

Primatech Executive Services will be seeking contractors with experience in any of the following fields of expertise: intelligence, law enforcement, or military operations. See

For an example of work done by current contractors, please visit: and enter passcode: SCwem43ib
Assignment Tracker 2.0
October 17, 2008 New Fallon intel obtained. See

Subject: "Fallon" Intel


Snip:"Urgent: Communicate attached developing intel to Task Force KS6."

Related image:

Evs Dropper's blog
October 21, 2008 New Assignment Tracker Profile available: Eric Doyle. Code: EDwvar70p Subject: "Fallon" operation aborted


interceptbegins:"abort repeat abort all units; do not proceed against fallon; third party appears to be targeting fallon operatives, report any counter-evidence; lethal force authorized if attacked; more instructions to follow"

Related image:

Evs Dropper's blog


Identity Puzzle

On March 11, 2008, the unknown new person using Hana's contacts started sending puzzle clues in their posts. Some of the clues were riddles, and some were just characters from words capitalized or spelled wrongly. All of the clues either were or could be converted to letters, and a March 14th email noted that the letters put together would lead to the sender's identity.

The March 11th postings did not mention anything about the puzzle, but did have two words capitalized incorrectly in both the text and email. In the text message, those words were "Posted" and "submisSions". In the email, the words were "relationshiP" and "pSyche". Thus, two letters come from this post: P and S.

The March 12th text directed towards the profiles at, and the email contained two riddles about the sender's identity. Benjamin Franklin retired from printing at 42, so 41 is the answer to the first riddle. The second riddle was ambiguous. It is unclear as to whether the answer is 1 cause the legend of Kensei is known only for his love for Yaeko, whether it is 11 for Yaeko plus Adam's 10 wives, or whether it is 4 for the number of times "love" appears on the page.

The March 13th postings also did not mention the puzzle, but did have a word spelled wrong in both the text and email. In the instant message, the misspelled word was "exprets". In the email, the misspelled word was "intreviews". The letters R and E are reversed in each misspelled word. Thus, those letters are for the puzzle.

The March 14th text and email both referenced a hidden page on Hana's website. On the linked page, the letters R and V in the link to the archive of Hana's old posts were mis-capitalized (Note: The capitalization was corrected after the puzzle was solved). The email also claimed to contain the final riddle, which referred to what was "two letters within one word, three letters apart". In the phrase, "one word", the letter O is repeated twice, three letters apart. Thus, those letters are also for the puzzle. This email also noted that the puzzle could potentially be solved using just the letters from this week.

Later postings helped to clarify and narrow the possibilities: The March 19th email told puzzle solvers that the identity was hidden among the dream experts' doctor's names on the resources page of

The March 20th text narrowed it down to just 8 letters, and clarified that the titles of the doctors should be included.

And on March 24th, the final clue came only by text message. It was a repeat of "How many times does Takezo Kensei "love"? The word "love" is in quotes in this email and is mentioned four times on Kensei's page. Thus, this clue clarifies that the answer to the second March 12th riddle is the fourth letter of the alphabet: D. The meaning of the first riddle is unknown.

Thus, there were now eight known letters: P, S, D, R, E, R, V, and O. Those letters can be combined and scrambled to form the word EVSDROPR, the username of a user at

On March 26th, the mysterious sender confirmed his alias was Evsdropr, and pointed to the thread at where the puzzle's solution was first posted.

April 29 Puzzle

On April 29, 2008, evsdropr sent an email with a character string puzzle. To decipher this puzzle, several steps are required. First, it is required to first convert the string's symbols to the corresponding numbers on a standard QWERTY keyboard. Then, the numbers can be converted to letters by swapping each number with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Finally, the letters have to be reversed.

The original string:          7-!$-9-*-19-@!-3
String converted to numbers:  7-14-9-8-19-21-3
String converted to letters:  G-N -I-H-S -U -C
String with reversed letters: C-U -S-H-I -N -G

Thus, the character string spells CUSHING, a character that appeared in the next graphic novel, Trust Issues, Part 1.

May 28 Puzzle

On May 28, 2008, evsdropr sent an email with a puzzle. To solve the puzzle, it is required to split the code given into odd and event parts.

The original code: siafb ainny ethha izneg lhsaa pbpie nnesh taozm eelcs haebc iknje uhlai zeenl
The odd letters:   s a b  i n  e h a  z e  l s a  b i  n e h  a z  e l s  a b  i n e  h a  z e l
The even letters:   i f  a n y  t h  i n g  h a  p p e n  s  t o m  e c  h e c  k j  u l i  e n

Thus, the odd letters repeat the sender's name, Sabine Hazel. The solution is found in the even letters: If anything happens to me, check Julien.

Upon sending the solution to evsdropr via private message on the website, evsdropr replies:

Nice work, we're on the right track...Julien's in the Company. It appears as though Sabine is suspicious of him.

June 27 Puzzle

On June 27, 2008, evsdropr left a post with an unknown password to Devin Patterson's PDA. According to evsdropr, entering the wrong password reveals the password hint question: "B KA****" The password hint question refers to his partner's name, Bianca Karina, and thus the password should be RINA. Entering the password into Devin's PDA from the assignment tracker case-file allows access to a photo album of photos Devin took while in Berlin.

July 2 Puzzle

On July 2, 2008, evsdropr send an email message with the subject "The German's flight plans". The email gave various details on the Berlin airport the Company was planning to use to fly the German back to a Level 5 cell in the United States. For the departure time, users needed to determine which of 5 runways a passenger plane would be on, as if it was within 2 runways of the Company's plane, it would be effected and the Company might just terminate the German instead of moving him. evsdropr did not want that to happen. Later that day, evsdropr confirmed a solution posted in a 9th thread entitled "7/2 Email from Evs" with a posting to the same thread:

Nice work, the passenger plane was indeed Flight 555 on Runway 3, and the Company gave the go-ahead with a minute to spare. Two planes went off their runways and half the airfield browned-out, but satellite shows the team got off the ground and is winging toward Level 5 as we speak.

Well done.

July 10 Puzzle

On July 10, 2008, evsdropr sent a scan of a Company message cut into pieces. When the pieces are put together, the following message can be read:

In order for Kill Squad to work, I need a charismatic leader, someone who believes in Kill Squad with a religious fervor. Kill Squad needs to be their god, their reason to go on living. Someone who views the world as two groups: part of Kill Squad, not part of Kill Squad. Unfortunately, the Company also sees the world in two groups: the ones who comply, and the ones who don't. In order for someone who is in the Company to be willing to lead Kill Squad, they will have to be in transition: that means a recent crisis, reopening deep psychological wounds. That's my Kill Squad captain.

July 16 Puzzle

On July 16, 2008, evsdropr sent a code to be used to determine the password for Lewis's assignment tracker entry. droxnar711 posted the solution at The code is a shift cypher using the Mod95 alphabet (upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation). The first part of the code corresponds to Lewis's full name, thus:


From that, you can determine that the shift is -48 in the Mod 95 alphabet (going back 48 characters), and then use the rest to determine the password:

July 29 Puzzle

On July 29, 2008, evsdropr reprinted a coded message about the Company's latest capture:

cprn ewh tutq mk iooab loaz tilbf I jqq nub xnue ghkg poatq hgzz suurotm V as abrxg V dol aoz cadkzftgvq I sqfs ewh bglyy O pnvk ab mgvl qamftowas O pbpk gbu gzr oqil I gu bkgg wuyb fcgzrd O iz szilito nt ewhr vieetb'f cgjvn ov Nrxwjhkiq Mkmg mk euet gbu iia I cqyl hm jaobvnm Q yobm loa

The message can be unscrambled using Kender's Vigenere and "gina" as the key:

when you told me about your gifts i did not know they could harm someone i am sorry i did not understand i miss you badly i have so many questions i hope you are okay i am okay just scared i am staying at your parent's cabin in arrowhead meet me when you can i will be waiting i love you Posts

For a complete listing of evsdropr's posts, see here.


On April 14, 2008, evsdropr posted this thread on

I found this chat between Blake and Donna. Removed their screenames for now and used the names they called themselves.
Blake: Hey, nice icon.
Donna: Who's this?
Blake: Name's Blake. Urs?
Donna: Donna, Donna D.
Blake: Saw ur profile in the chat room and it seems we hav a lot in common. N e chance ur as hot as ur picture?
Donna: I dunno, any chance ur as dumb as ur question?
Blake: Oh, and feisty, interesting... Like Indian food?
Donna: What?
Blake: I know a great place on 5th and Main. Wanna join me?
Donna: How do I know ur not a 40 year old creepster?
Blake: How do I know u aren't?
Donna: Clever. Fine...8 o'clock? But don't get any ideas, mister? I'll meet u at the restaurant...I know the place. Excllent Tikka Masala. Ur buying.
Blake: Blunt, too. I like that. 8 it is. Here's a pic of me so u know who to look for.

Donna: Hmm, I like wut I see. Ur cute.
Blake: Thx. So I'll c u soon, then?
Donna: Kk. Ciao.

Phone Call

On April 18, 2008 evsdropr posted the phone call conducted between Donna Dunlap and evsdropr:

Donna: Hello?
Evsdroper: Listen carefully. This is not a joke.
Donna: Jeff, is that you? I don't have time for games right now.
Evsdropr: My name is evs.
Donna: Who?
Evsdropr: Evsdropr. This is not game. This is a set up. The man across from you is a killer.
Donna: What?!
Evsdropr: You're going to tell him there's a family emergency. Then, you are going to leave.
Donna: Okay, I'll be right over, give everybody my best.
Evsdropr: Wait, one more thing.
Donna: What is it?
Evsdropr: Look under the table. I've taped a gun under your table. Take it. Hopefully you won't need it.
Donna: Alright, I'm leaving right now. I'll be there as soon as possible.

Dumont's Assignment Tracker

On June 16, 2008, evsdropr posted to the "Chapter 89: Root and Branch 2 (weeding out)" thread on

I've been quiet lately, but it's because I've been keeping a close eye on things.

Seems Agent Sabine's really in the thick of it now. Have you read Dumont's Assignment Tracker yet?

No surprises there...the root's always the hardest to find.

She's been barking up the wrong tree.

Thompson's voicemails

On June 17, 2008, evsdropr posted this thread on

Seems Thompson Jr. has some big shoes to fill, first his father, now Bennet. He's been receiving Bennet's forwarded voicemails. I'm mentioned a few times, but no one has a clue about my true identity, still, which is good. I'll post a few.


Voicemail #1: Evs is after you.

Voicemail #2: I know you killed Cushing.

NOTE: shorty, a user at, claims to have left voicemail #2.

On June 20, 2008, evsdropr posted another message on the same thread:

A few mentions of Primatech in here. Maybe I'm not the only one keeping an eye on Company operations.

Voicemail #3: Hello Thompson, this is Tarot. I know what you're Company really is. You cannot keep this secret hidden forever. I have see much already and I will be watching.

Voicemail #4: I've got it figured out. I know what you did. I finally put all the pieces together. Primatech hasn't got anything to do with paper, does it? Well, just remember: We'll be watching you very carefully from now on.

NOTE: Tarot, a user at, claims to have left voicemail #3.

Later the same day, evsdropr again posted another message on the same thread:

Thompson Jr. seems to have a few more enemies than he does friends.

What's your guys take on him?

Voicemail #5: Thompson, apparently I'm not the only one who's seen what you and the Company have tried to hide. The trouble with secrets is someone always finds out. Hope you're prepared to deal with the truth getting out. You can't hide forever.

NOTE: Tarot also claims to have left voicemail #5.

On June 25, 2008, evsdropr posted a message to the same thread only containing another two voicemails attachments:

Voicemail #6: Hello Thompson. Lets just say we know what you're doing at the Company, and we don't like it...And we're going to stop you no matter what it takes, and so you should watch your back if you know what's best for you.

Voicemail #7: Evs, I know you're watching this. I know who you are and I will find you. Watch out for the dreams.

NOTE: MikeMc and PaganDreams, users at, claim to have left voicemails #6 and #7, respectively.

On July 1, 2008, evsdropr posted a message to the same thread only containing another voicemail attachment:

Voicemail #8: Thompson. This is Dekker in Berlin. Hey, my guy over at the power company just called. He says something's started. Something is sending low-grade electromagnetic pulses into his grid. Get this: the surges come about 80 a minute. The waves are shaped like heartbeats. I was going to send my field unit to check it out but it turns out one of your tag and bag teams is already in the area. Could this be your guy? We can't make contact with your team. The EMP is degrading everything for 9 city blocks. If you have got any alternative means for getting in touch with them, let me know, stat. I'm already picking up chatter on the police band about it.

On July 3, 2008, evsdropr posted a message to the same thread only containing another voicemail attachment:

Voicemail #9: Hello, this is Jong Mao Chen of the Red Tyger Division of the Defense Department. I believe you are familiar with the truce that the two organizations [scrambled]. I'm willing to renegotiate any terms of our truce. If you would like to give me a call back I will be available at 218-5862. You may contact me in Peking, Hajin Province, Delong, in Lemuria. Thank you.

NOTE: xcfirefox of 9thwonders.comclaimed responsibility for this message, that he didn't plan for Evs to publish the message, and that he could no longer be contacted at the given number. Firefox also gave a brief summary of ongoing discord between the Red Tyger Division and the Company that began from the division's inception.

On July 7, 2008, evsdropr posted another voicemail-only message to the same thread:

Voicemail #10: Hello, Mr. Thompson. This is Steven Dodd. Regarding the application that I applied for the job, I'm currently in the military still, stationed in Virginia, but in four months I will be back in Illinois for good for when I start. And I am currently in Illinois just for today. I fly back to Virginia tommorrow, but my business hours are from 7 AM to 3 PM when I'm back in Virginia. I will be available. I'll be busy Sunday and I'll be busy tommorrow. Anytime today and starting Monday, after 3 PM, I'll be available. I'd like to talk to you. Alright, give me a call. Bye.

Later on July 7, 2008, evsdropr posted another voicemail-only message to the same thread:

Voicemail #11: Our European friend got away. There's no need for pestering. He won't bother anyone else. You need to check out this 9th Wonders thing. I think they're on to us. The mole may be getting deeper. I'll check in later.

On July 14, 2008, evsdropr posts another voicemail-only message to the same thread:

Voicemail #12: Yes, Mr. Thompson. We have found a new ability in a person in Southeast Texas, along the coast. His ability is to morph into any solid object.

The German

On June 19, 2008, 2:58AM EDT, evsdropr posted a new thread on about the German:

Been searching all day for info in the Company's database on "The German." Came up with a few photos. Check them out below.

About 8 hours later, 11:13AM EDT, evsdropr posted to the same thread:

Here's another...

On June 28, 2008, evsdropr posted another message to this thread:

Patterson is snoopier (or more bored) than I expected. He used his PDA's camera to take some unauthorized pix of the location where the bag & tag is going to happen. I need to know what he knows.

His PDA password is four characters. If you enter the wrong password enough, you get the password hint question: "B KA****" Figure out what goes where those stars are; I'm guessing that's the PDA password.

This German is a big deal. Devin can't be getting underfoot. Let's get into that PDA.


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