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Ernie's gun

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Ernie's gun
Ando sees Ernie's gun under the table, pointed at him.

First mentioned: Better Halves
Owned by: Ernie

When Ando ducks under the table at the high stakes poker game, he gets a clear view of Ernie's gun.


Better Halves

Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi have been abducted by the High roller, and they are brought to a high stakes card game. As he did before, Hiro stops time to sort the dealt cards to make sure Ando gets a good hand.

After the lowlife bets $400, Ando raises him $1000. Hiro is shocked by the sum, and accidentally knocks over a bucket of stageshow props. Ando bends over to help him clean up, and while he is under the table, he sees that Ernie has a handgun sitting on a briefcase under the table, pointed at him.

Spooked, Ando claims he has to go to the bathroom and grabs Hiro. In the bathroom, Ando explains that the "man with the scary face" has a gun pointed right at them, and they are probably going to be killed. Suddenly, voices are heard from the game room, followed by shouting and sounds of pain. Hiro tries to stop time again, but is startled as someone is thrown against the bathroom door so hard it cracks. Two shots are fired, then there is quiet. Hiro has remorse that he could not save the players, and Ando leads them out through the bathroom window.


  • It is not clear which gun was fired while Hiro and Ando were in the bathroom. It was most likely Ernie's gun, though not entirely certain. Jessica owns at least one gun, though it is probable that she relied on her superhuman abilities to overpower the poker players.

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