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Montreal warehouse

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Montreal warehouse
Location: Montreal, Canada
Purpose: Storage

Peter and Caitlin visit a warehouse in Montreal.

Notable Visitors


Fight or Flight

Peter paints a prophecy of himself and Caitlin standing outside a warehouse.

The Line

Peter and Caitlin arrive at the warehouse, comparing it to Peter's painting. The Symbol is above the door. They enter, walking past Whitebeard's banners, when Peter finds a note from someone called Adam. Peter and Caitlin vow to figure it out, hug, and disappear.

Out of Time

Peter returns to the warehouse without Caitlin. He hears a sound and turns around, shooting out a bolt, which hits Adam's hand. The skin on the hand regenerates as Adam emerges from the background. He asks why Peter did this, and says that both of them are going to change history.

Four Months Ago...

Peter recounts his whole life while Adam watches.

Truth & Consequences

Peter recalls his and Caitlin's encounter with a CDC hazmat crew while he is in Adam's warehouse. Peter explains to Adam that he was in the future, and even has an evacuation notice, despite Adam telling Peter that he had never left the warehouse. Peter tells Adam the virus is named the Shanti virus. Adam tells Peter of a woman named Victoria Pratt who recovered the virus from a sick Indian girl thirty years ago and attempted to make it a weapon. Peter suggests that they need to find her.


  • In the commentary for The Line, the writers said the room belongs to Adam Monroe.
  • In an interview with Adam Armus and Kay Foster, it was mentioned how this set was reused: "At one point it was a police station, then it was our prop warehouse, then it was the warehouse for Adam Monroe". Further, the writers elaborated on their thought process behind the warehouse: "We imagined that a man who lives four hundred years needs a lot of space to keep the things he's collected over the past four hundred years. So we imagined that this warehouse is not where he lives, but where he stores the stuff that's important to him. And over those four hundred years, he's collected a number of things that are important to him. And some priceless stuff, too."



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