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CDC hazmat crew

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CDC hazmat crew
Contamination crew.jpg
A CDC hazmat crew apprehends Peter and Caitlin in the desolate streets of New York.
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Containing the spread of the Shanti virus
First appearance Out of Time
Known members: CDC crew member, CDC crew member (II), other crew members
Affiliated sites: CDC building
Equipment used: Hazmat suits

In a future New York ravaged by the Shanti virus, a hazmat crew from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention apprehends Peter and Caitlin.


Out of Time

After accidentally teleporting to New York in 2008, Peter Petrelli and Caitlin are apprehended wandering the streets by a hazmat crew from the CDC. After checking them over for signs of the Shanti virus, taking them to their facility, and forcing them through decontaminations procedures, the crew turns the two over to Howard Lemay, a DHS agent who is working to contain the virus.

Truth and Consequences

While telling Adam Monroe of his desire to return to the future and save Caitlin, Peter has a vision of his and Caitlin being taken by the crew.

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