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Nathan's Senate office

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Nathan's Senate office
Nathan's Senate office.jpg
Nathan looks outside the window of his office.
Location: Washington, DC
Purpose: A place where Nathan can work

Nathan's Senate office is the office Nathan Petrelli uses as a United States Senator.

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


I Am Become Death

Nathan is asked to pick a desk for the room. Nathan think this should be Tracy's decision, but his aide tells him that Tracy isn't answering her cell phone. Linderman appears and tells Nathan to pick the desk of John Foster Dulles, but Nathan asks his aide who chooses the one from Robert Kennedy. Linderman asks Nathan why he isn't trusting him, and Nathan yells that he's the only one who can see him. Nathan asks if Linderman is a telepath, but Linderman laughs and says it's not that obvious. Nathan decides that his visions of Linderman must be the result of brain damage after the shooting. Linderman tells Nathan that healing and flying are the work of angels, and Nathan scoffs at the idea of Linderman being an angel. Linderman tells Nathan that he's here to help Nathan to eventually be President, but Nathan tells him it's not his path if Linderman is leading the way.

Nathan finishes a prayer, and sees that Tracy is in his office. She congratulates him on choosing the Kennedy desk. He asks if she found what she was looking for, and she tells him she found her resignation. She tells him that she's figured out what she must do, then leaves. Linderman appears, and tells Nathan that he has to pray for her.

I Am Sylar

Sylar walks around the office using shape shifting to switch back and forth between his own appearance and Virginia Gray's as he reads the memories off Nathan's belongings. After taking DNA off a toothbrush, Sylar holds a press conference challenging the President to "make real change" and shake his hands.

The real Nathan Petrelli watches the conference in the Coyote Sands diner. He flies to his Senate office to face off with Sylar. Sylar starts to cut open his head, but Emile Danko surprises them and tasers Nathan instead. He tells Sylar to become Agent Taub and help him take down the remaining Petrelli's, but Sylar refuses. Danko then tries to kill Sylar by stabbing his head. A shocked Danko watches as Sylar revives.

An Invisible Thread

Sylar pins Emile Danko to the wall, and uses his shape shifting to frame him for the shootings of Building 26 agents. Sylar then hides Nathan Petrelli's body in the bathroom as he absorbs more memories. Nathan's aide informs Sylar, who shifts into Nathan, that Claire has arrived to see Nathan. Sylar sends her in and reads more memories from Claire's necklace to convince her he's really Nathan. Sylar then grabs Nathan's jacket and the two head over to the Stanton Hotel.

Peter arrives shortly after they leave, and finds and wakes Nathan up. The two chase after Sylar.

Six weeks later, Sylar sits in the office under the impression that he is Nathan Petrelli. He reads about some "mysterious drownings", as Angela Petrelli decides to check in on him and invite him out to lunch. Sylar becomes distracted by a clock that's a minute fast, scaring Angela as he fixes it. Sylar then grabs his coat and leaves the room, speculating about what they're going to eat as Angela stares at the clock.


"Nathan" sits in his office, reading a newspaper. He reaches for his mug, but his mug moves to his hand by itself. Astonished, he tries to replicate the feat, but fails. Instead, sparks fly between his hands. This leaves "Nathan" shocked and worried.

Jump, Push, Fall

"Nathan" gets out of his chair and uses telekinesis to flick on the light switch of his bathroom. When he enters the bathroom, he has apparently shape shifted into Sylar.


Angela brings "Nathan" some of his old stuff in order to help his "trip down memory lane". "Nathan" touches a toy airplane and recalls playing with it. He then touches a baseball cap and recalls a swimming pool, a diving board, and a dead girl, much to his shock.

Tabula Rasa

As Sylar wakes up in the carnival, the Senate office is empty.

Brother's Keeper

Peter and "Nathan" arrive at his office. Nathan is worried about waking up at a carnival with no memory of how he got there. When Nathan's aide does not say anything about his absence, they wonder why nobody noticed that a senator was missing so long. She tells them that his mother called and said he was on vacation. René then arrives, saying that Angela sent him to erase their memories, and tells Peter to go to a storage unit in order to learn the truth about what is happening. He warns him not to bring Nathan.


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