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9th Wonders! gallery

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9th Wonders! gallery
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First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: Issue #31 published, final complete issue
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9th Wonders! is the name of a prophetic comic book, created by the New York, NY, artist Isaac Mendez. Following is a gallery of images from 9th Wonders!, including artwork, covers, panels, and various issues. For a chronicle and history of all the times 9th Wonders! has been mentioned or used in the episodes, see here.


Gallery of 9th Wonders Covers

Foreign Cover Versions

9th Wonders! General Gallery

Issue #14 Gallery

Issue #16 Gallery

Final Issue

Hidden Issue

See Also

  • For an episode-by-episode history of 9th Wonders!, see 9th Wonders!.

Artwork edit
Artwork by artist

Arthur's drawingsDrucker's drawingsElle's drawingsIsaac's paintingsMatt's artMolly's drawingsPeter's artSylar's paintingsUsutu's paintings

Specific works and collections

9th Wonders! (gallery) • Exploding ManHiro and the DinosaurHomecoming SeriesInvisibility SeriesIsaac Dead SeriesIsaac's sketchbooksThe missing paintingMona LisaSeries of eightUluruWorld Splitting in Half

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