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The Midland Chronicle

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The Midland Chronicle
The Midland Chronicle.jpg
Hiro reads the newspaper.

First mentioned: Once Upon a Time in Texas
Owned by: Hiro Nakamura
Current status: Intact

The Midland Chronicle reports on news from the Midland area.


Once Upon a Time in Texas

In the Burnt Toast Diner, Hiro is sitting at the bar, watching Charlie. When Charlie walks past him to serve Sylar, Hiro quickly flips the newspaper over his face. He peeks over the paper as Charlie and Sylar talk.

Brother's Keeper

Elizabeth gives "Nathan" a computer printout of The Midland Chronicle with the headline "Suspect in Critical Condition After Deadly Police Shoot-Out".

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady has hung several newspaper articles from The Midland Chronicle on his clue board. One says "Odessa Protocol Ratified". Another says "Evo Threat Greater at Home than Abroad".


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