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Escalating Evolution

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Escalating Evolution
Escalating Evolution.jpg
Quentin holds the manuscript for Mohinder Suresh's Escalating Evolution.

First mentioned: Dark Matters, Part 5
Current status: Unpublished, but uploaded by Hero Truther

Escalating Evolution is a book written by Mohinder Suresh.


Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady tells Aly that Mohinder Suresh had nothing to do with the June 13 tragedy. Quentin says that he has read all of Suresh's unpublished manuscript for Escalating Evolution that Hero Truther uploaded. He says that the manuscript proves Suresh wasn't a radical, but was a humanist. The manuscript shows that Suresh believed evos were nature's way of safeguarding mankind.

Brave New World

Quentin tells Noah that he has a copy of this manuscript that Mohinder Suresh was going to publish right before the June 13th summit attack. Noah questions Quentin on how he got a copy of it.

Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

Mohinder Suresh shows Angela a copy of the book while telling her that he has discovered evos are the key to stopping the H.E.L.E. After failing to contact his research team in the Arctic, Mohinder grows worried as Angela had told them Erica Kravid had the team murdered. Running into Molly Walker, Mohinder gives her a copy of Escalating Evolution asking her to keep it, starting to say in case something happens, but stopping himself at the last minute. Molly takes the book, excited to have a first copy of it.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

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Are we defined by that which makes us great our ability to think, to hope, to love? Or are we doomed to answer to our weaknesses our tendency to fear, to torment, to hate? In the end, perhaps it is both. For what is mankind if not a host of contradictions? extract from ESCALATING EVOLUTION by Mohinder Suresh (unpublished)


Where does it come from, this fear, this quest? This need to hide in a simpler past when the future cannot be avoided. The planet is changing, no matter how we deny it. An imperative. So the question arises how do we ensure our survival in the dark days to come? Who will live, who will die? And who among us shall inherit this brave new world? extract from ESCALATING EVOLUTION by Mohinder Suresh (unpublished)


  • The title page of the book manuscript lists Mohinder's contact information as 813 E 45th St. in New York, NY 10017. His email address is
  • According to the eBook Brave New World, the manuscript for Escalating Evolution is at least 300 pages long.

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