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Japanese Language Studies

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Japanese Language Studies
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First mentioned: Six Months Ago
Owned by: Charlie Andrews
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Hiro gives Charlie a copy of Japanese Language Studies for her birthday.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

When Charlie meets Hiro, she reads the letters 場違い on his jacket. "Bachigai. That means 'I don't belong here,' right?" When Hiro asks how she learned Japanese, she explains that she got a Japanese phrase book for her birthday about six months ago and started poking through it last week. Then she says in Japanese, "One bento box with shrimp, please," and "I'm still learning. Tokyo is going to be the third stop on my trip someday." Ando is incredulous that she learned all that from a book in one week, but Charlie explains that lately she is able to remember everything she reads.

Later, Charlie practices her Japanese by covering the book as she recites phrases in Japanese. Hiro helps her perfect her pronunciation, and Charlie continues with her Japanese, far exceeding what she is learning from the book. Hiro, impressed with her skill, says that his skill is much more complicated — he can teach Japanese to anyone. Charlie says that Hiro is sweet; he looks through the book, but says that the word "sweet" is not in the book.

Six Months Ago

Six months in the past, Hiro gives Charlie a Japanese phrase book for her birthday. He encourages Charlie to go to Japan and get out of Midland soon. Charlie reads from the book, "You are a kind and generous man." When Hiro is impressed, Charlie says that lately she has been able to remember things.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Charlie reads the kanji lettering on Hiro's jacket soon after she meets him. She says, "Bachigai. That means 'I don't belong here,' right?" Charlie explains that she got a Japanese phrase book for her birthday six months ago and started poking through it last week. She then recites in Japanese, "One bento box with shrimp, please," and explains that she's still learning. She tells Ando, who is impressed that she learned Japanese so quickly, that her brain has been remembering a lot of things lately. Later, Charlie covers the book with her hand and recites from memory, "The dance lights floor are cool." She practices another one: "I don't like this song. Let's get a drink." When Charlie says that Hiro is sweet, Hiro shyly looks down at the phrase book to find the word "sweet". He says that the word isn't in the book. (Chapter 2)
  • Having time traveled six months in the past, Hiro sits in his motel room, wishing he could buy Charlie the ability to speak Japanese. He suddenly realizes that he could buy her that ability. He remembers that "Future-Charlie" was learning Japanese from a phrase book that she received on her birthday. Hiro decides that he would give her that phrase book. He realizes that saving Charlie is part of Hiro's mission, and the phrase book is proof of that. He heads to the mall to get the Japanese phrase book. (Chapter 7)
  • At the Music City Mall, Hiro goes to the B. Dalton bookstore and finds a surprisingly large selection of phrase books for Charlie. (Chapter 8)
  • Hiro worries that he has no way plan for saving Charlie, other than buying the phrase book. At the diner, Hiro gives Charlie the phrase book after she says that she will go to Tokyo on her world trip. Charlie opens the gift, wrapped in party penguin paper, and is excited to be able to speak more clearly with Hiro. She reads a phrase from the book and immediately memorizes it. (Chapter 9)
  • During her breaks, Charlie absorbs a large portion of the phrase book, and is able to speak excellent Japanese. (Chapter 11)


  • The book Japanese Language Studies does not exist in reality.

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