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Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 4

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Nowhere Man, Part 4
A New Beginning
Webisode number: 20
First released: May 11, 2009
Nowhere Man, Part 4.jpg
Written by: Jim Martin
Directed by: Chris Hanada
Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 3
Next Webisode: Slow Burn, Part 1
Tying up loose ends is second nature for The Puppetmaster.


  • Lauren and Jason discover that they both have something to celebrate.
  • Kyle sends a surprising video to Lauren.
  • Doyle doesn't let Barbie know about a dark secret.



The morning after their fight at the hospital, Lauren is afraid to see Kyle again. "Jason" comes knocking on her door, holding a coffee mug. She tells him of a video message Kyle has sent her, and shares her fears of it being threats or other unpleasant slurs from Kyle. Jason suggests to her that Kyle might try to apologize. Lauren agrees, and watches the video, only to see a remorseful Kyle asking for forgiveness for his actions, and reveals to her that he quit his job. Lauren then asks Jason about his coffee mug, and he explains that he did not get the statement of character from Kyle. Lauren says she herself has friends in the office that asked for the statement, and declares they both have reasons to celebrate.

Back at home, Eric records another video message to Claire. He soon departs, claiming he needs to take care of business that will help him avoid awkward situations with Lauren. As he turns off the camera and files the tape in his closet, he summons out Kyle, who he has kept in his closet. Eric instructs him to get out of his house, go on a bus and leave town. He threatens that if Kyle ever mistreats a woman, he will find him, and reminds him that his name is Jason. As Kyle walks out, Eric shuts the door using his power, turns around and smiles.

Memorable Quotes

"Now. Let's get something straight: You're gonna walk out of here, and you're gonna get on a bus. And if I ever see you again, and if I ever hear of you treating a woman that way again, I will find you. And my name... is Jason. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Get out."

- Eric, Kyle

Character Appearances


  • Eric Doyle breaks the fourth wall at the end of this webisode by smiling directly at the camera. This makes him the first character in Heroes to do so.
  • The Nowhere Man series was included with the bonus features on the Season Three DVD.

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