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Odessa Sheriff's Department

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Odessa Sheriff's Department
Odessa Sheriff's Department.jpg
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Police department

The Odessa Sheriff's Department is the local law enforcement agency in Odessa, TX.

Notable Locations

  • A holding cell
  • An interrogation room

Notable Employees

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



After Peter is arrested for suspicion of Jackie Wilcox's murder, he is kept in a holding cell in the Odessa Sheriff's Department. Nathan arrives and attempts to get him released. Meanwhile, Matt and Audrey arrive and interrogate him about Union Wells High School's Homecoming. Later, Mr. Bennet and Claire arrive to express thanks for Peter's selfless acts. Outside the department, Peter collapses and has a vision of himself being consumed by flames.


Nathan holds a press conference in the Odessa Sheriff's Department. Just as he is about to reveal his ability, Nathan is shot by a mysterious figure.

The Second Coming

Peter Petrelli teleports from a future timeline, takes a police cap and coat, and shoots Nathan twice in the chest as he is about to reveal the existence of evolved humans. He is pursued by himself from the present and cornered in a bathroom, but teleports Peter to Level 5 where he transfers his mind to the body of Jesse Murphy. When Matt Parkman enters the bathroom, Future Peter disguises himself as present Peter and tells Matt that the assassin has escaped.

Attempting to retrieve the gun he shot Nathan with from a storeroom, Matt confronts Peter, who teleports him to Africa.

Graphic Novel:Consequences

Angela Petrelli recalls all of the times that she has tried to put off Nathan's death and remembers when he was shot during his press conference at the Odessa Sheriff's Department.


  • According to the logo on the window shows that the department has been in operation since 1955.
  • As sign on the Sheriff's Department says the facility is located at 15 King Street. In reality, there is no King Street in Odessa (or in Midland).
  • Audrey interviews Claire and Mr. Bennet in Room C-167.
  • In an interview with Adam Armus and Kay Foster, it was mentioned how this set was reused: "At one point it was a police station, then it was our prop warehouse, then it was the warehouse for Adam Monroe".
  • Apparently, the Odessa Sheriff's Department has a youth softball league.


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