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Webisode:Nowhere Man, Part 1

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Nowhere Man, Part 1
Puppet Master
Webisode number: 17
First released: April 20, 2009
Nowhere Man, Part 1.jpg
Written by: Timm Keppler
Directed by: Chris Hanada
Tanner Kling
Previous Webisode: The Recruit, Part 5
Next Webisode: Nowhere Man, Part 2
With a new identity from Claire, Puppetmaster Eric Doyle tries to settle into a new life by working at Copy Kingdom.


  • Doyle struggles with starting a new life.
  • Doyle runs into trouble at work with his boss.



Eric Doyle and Claire are sitting on a park bench. She hands him forged documents giving him a new identity. He thanks her and as he leaves she asks if he really has changed. He smiles and doesn't reply.

Six weeks later, Doyle sits down in front of a camera, and talks to "Barbie". He says his name is Jason now and that he's trying to change, but that when he's scared or angry, his "powers take over". He mentions that he got fired, and we are shown that he used his ability on a woman, making her shut her mouth. He adds that he recently got arrested for using his powers, and that the judge rules his case soon. He then says that has a new temp job at a paper company, but that his boss, Kyle Dilman, is a jerk and that he has trouble controlling himself around him. He then looks at his watch, presumably late for work.

At Copy Kingdom Headquarters, Kyle arrives at Doyle's workstation, and, calling him "Jerry", chastises him for mixing up the 4759 forms with the 4795 forms. He mentions that he used to work at Copy Kingdom, Costa Verde, and how he has risen up the ranks. He asks "Jerry" if he is "thirsty for success". Doyle replies he is "parched" and asks where to find the form. Kyle replies that "that's a someone else question" and walks away.

In the store closet, Doyle tells himself to "keep it together" as Lauren Shapiro walks in and greets him. He asks her where to find the 4795 forms, and as she helps him she comments that's he's new. He eventually introduces himself as Jason and she says she likes his shirt. He replies that he likes her skin, corrects himself, and says he likes her dress. She says roses are her favorite flower. Kyle Dilman walks over and says that it shouldn't matter to Doyle because she is sleeping with Kyle. He adds that Doyle is a criminal, because he "beat up a cop". Lauren smiles and says she should be getting back, and Kyle slaps her bottom as she leaves.

As Doyle tries to leave, Kyle stops him and says he just got off the phone with Doyle's case worker. Doyle asks why his case worker would call Kyle, and he replies that they wanted a statement of character for Doyle's probation hearing tomorrow, as he will probably end up in jail again. Kyle continues to talk to Doyle, saying that he must think the world owes him something. As he does this, he shreds documents, and Doyle moves his hand, moving Kyle's closer and closer to the shredder.

Memorable Quotes

"Oh crap."

- Doyle (after shutting up his boss)

"Nice shirt."

"Thanks, I like your skin."


"I mean... your dress. I like your dress."

- Lauren, Doyle

Character Appearances


  • The Nowhere Man series was included with the bonus features on the Season Three DVD.

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