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First appearance Shades of Gray
In-story stats
Known ability None
Gender Question symbol green.PNG
Date of death 2007
Residence Forest

Sylar and Samson perform taxidermy on a rabbit.

Character History

Shades of Gray

When Sylar goes to confront his father, Samson, in his cabin, Samson has a rabbit in a cage. As he and Sylar are talking, Samson brings the cage to a work table, and lets the rabbit out. The rabbit begins to run away, but Samson whistles and it stops in its tracks. He picks up the rabbit by its neck and hands a knife to Sylar, who stabs it. Later, the rabbit is skinned and the skin is stretched and sewn over a fake body, with Sylar making the final cut of the stitching string. After Sylar and Samson fight, Sylar takes the rabbit and leaves. When Danko returns to his apartment, he finds the rabbit on his desk.

Into Asylum

Sylar reminds Danko of the taxidermied bunny that he left in Danko's apartment.


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