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Quincy Carrot-Muncher

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Quincy Carrot-Muncher
Book Saving Charlie
In-story stats
Known ability None
Occupation County Fair competitor

Hiro and Charlie meet the best in show rabbit at the Midland County Fair, Quincy Carrot-Muncher.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

At the Midland County Fair, Charlie spots a Flemish lop-eared rabbit among all the other animals. Hiro and Charlie head over to the pen and see "an enormous brindle-coated ball of fuzz" hopping around. The rabbit's owner, a small boy, is guarding his pet. Charlie says the rabbit is adorable, and the little boy introduces the rabbit as Quincy Carrot-Muncher. The boy picks up the rabbit, which is almost as big as the boy, and proudly says that Quincy won the blue best in show ribbon that morning. When Hiro strokes Quincy's nose, the bunny's whiskers start to tremble. Hiro assures the rabbit that he would never hurt him, and he tells Charlie that he's never seen such a large rabbit before. Charlie, calling on her enhanced memory, says that Quincy is still a baby. Quincy's owner kisses the rabbit and then puts him back in the pen, where Quincy hops around and scratches furiously at his ear with his hind paw. (Chapter 24)

Later, Charlie explains that when she saw QUincy Carrot-Muncher at the fair, she suddenly remembered a book about rabbits she read when she was in third grade. (Chapter 26)

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Saving Charlie

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