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Tami Oyoki

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Tami Oyoki
Book Saving Charlie
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Tokyo, Japan

Tami Oyoki is Kimiko's best friend, and Hiro's childhood crush.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

Hiro recalls that one of the few times he ever came close to having a real relationship with a girl was with Tami Oyoki. Tami was Kimiko's best friend, even though the two girls were very dissimilar in both behavior and looks. Tami would come over to Kimiko's house after school, and Hiro made sure to always hang around with the two girls. Tami was always very nice to Hiro and would never slam the door in Hiro's face (as Kimiko would often do). When Tami and Kimiko played a game of Go, Tami would invite Hiro to play the winner. Tami would also pat the cushion next to her to invite Hiro to sit next to her while watching movies. She would eat from the bite of ice cream as Hiro, and Hiro took this as flirting. (Chapter 25)

One night, Tami defended Hiro against Kimiko saying, "Leave him alone, Kimiko. He's cute." After that, young Hiro drew a picture of himself dressed as a ninja, saving "Princess Tami" from the clutches of an evil dragon. Tami thought that the drawing (and Hiro's crush) were "precious". The next morning, Tami and Kimiko went shopping with their friends, and got in Kozumi's van. Hiro went to his sister's room and saw the picture he drew balled up in the trash. Hiro concluded that Tami was in love with Kozumi. (Chapter 25)

While traveling through time uncontrollably, Hiro is transported to Japan 15 years earlier. He watches wistfully out of Kimiko's bedroom window as Tami clambers into Kozumi's front seat and drives away with him, breaking Hiro's heart. (Chapter 45)

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