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Book Saving Charlie
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Midland, TX

Willie is a friend of Lloyd Collins.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

Lloyd, Dwayne, and Willie meet Charlie and Hiro while at the Midland County Fair. Charlie greets them, but the sight of them makes Hiro's heart skip a beat. When Charlie tells Lloyd to be nice, he grins at Dwayne and Willie and asks says to his friends that he's always nice. Dwayne and Willie hang over Lloyd's shoulders, staring at Hiro "like hungry hyenas". When Lloyd brags about his high school baseball skills before playing a baseball carnival game, Dwayne and Willie guffaw "like this was the funniest thing they ever heard". Lloyd takes a pitch and his friends cheer "like he'd just clinched the series". However, when Lloyd misses his final shot, Dwayne and Lloyd do their best to console him. When Hiro begins to take his third pitch, Dwayne and Willie follow Lloyd's example and chant "Choke! Choke!" at Hiro. But Hiro makes the pitch, and Lloyd leaves with his friends skulking after him. (Chapter 24)

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Saving Charlie

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