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Book Saving Charlie
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Odessa, TX
Occupation Sales clerk
Significant other His third cousin

PJ is a sales clerk at a comic book store at Music City Mall.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

While at a comic-book store in Music City Mall, Hiro Nakamura meets PJ, a "gangly sales kid" with a handwritten name tag on his shirt. PJ moseys over to Hiro and dangles an empty shopping basket from one finger. PJ notices that Hiro likes Japanese comic books, so he opens a storage drawer underneath the comics display and pulls out three plastic-covered issues of Robogirl. PJ says, "These books are sick. She's supposed to be a robot, but — check out her rack!" (Chapter 8)

Worried that he's not a US citizen and won't be able to get a job, Hiro believes that the "gangly kid" the comic-book store looks like the type of guy who would know where to get fake IDs. Hiro thinks about going back to the mall to slip PJ a few bucks. (Chapter 9)

Hiro heads back to Music City Mall, and PJ greets him with a happy shout of recognition, "like a long-lost cousin". PJ drags Hiro to the Japanese manga shelf and shows him a copy of Robogirl #215. PJ is especially taken with this comic's particular story line, and notes how messed up it is for Robogirl to kill somebody with an electric kiss. As though he was auditioning to take over for Dr. Phil, PJ says, "You can't lie to women, they'll see right through it. You think about that, son." Hiro buys the comic book from PJ, and then takes him a lemonade to thank him for the advice. (Chapter 18)

Hiro decides to talk to PJ, a great wingman, about his troubled relationship with Charlie. Over depth charges, PJ burps and sympathizes with Hiro. PJ explains that he was dating his third cousin, and then she started acting like "a real my-country-'tis-of-thee" without explanation. PJ says he couldn't cut her loose because he loved her, and he also knew he was going to see her at Christmas since they were family. But he told the girl how he truly felt and that he couldn't live without her, and then they talked about why she was mad. PJ says that she forgave him, then gave him "the best hummer I've ever gotten." When Hiro says that Charlie is mad because Hiro teleported into the future and saw her murdered with her brain cut out, PJ suggests that Hiro bring her some flowers, too. (Chapter 38)


  • PJ has a large pimple "like a third eye taking up most of his forehead". (Chapter 8)
  • Hiro thinks that PJ, like other comic-book salesclerks, leads a lonely life. (Chapter 18)

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Saving Charlie

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