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Ted's file

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Ted's file
Teds record.jpg

First mentioned: Company Man
Owned by: The Company

The Company keeps a file on Ted Sprague.


Company Man

Holding the Bennets hostage, Ted Sprague becomes angry and ties Sandra and Lyle to a chair. Matt tells Ted that they will find what they're looking for at Primatech. Later, Matt and Mr. Bennet return and show his file to Ted.


  • Ted's file is made up of several records and a picture of Ted. It contains an "Outpatient Information Record" from Presidio. Also included in the file are at least two CDs or DVDs labeled "Surveillance". It is unknown what connection "Presidio" has with Ted's file, though it should be noted that Presidio, TX, is a small city about four hours southwest of Odessa.
  • Ted's dossier from the Heroes Evolutions site may elaborate on Ted's file. The dossier (Case File C3003) contains the same picture of Ted from the file, as well as a personal history, a medical history, and an image of his scanned brain.

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