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Jessica's map

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Jessica's map
Niki follows Jessica's map into the Nevada desert to bury Linderman's thugs.

First mentioned: Don't Look Back
Owned by: Niki Sanders
Current status: Jessica created the map and left it for Niki

Niki finds a map left by Jessica, with directions for burying Linderman's thugs.


Don't Look Back

Outside the Sanderses' home, Niki finds a Cadillac. On the back of the registration, a heart-shaped note directs Niki to check the trunk and follow a map. The torn-apart bodies of Linderman's thugs are lying alongside a map. Niki follows the route marked, and drives through the desert. She comes to a particular spot marked by an upright shovel. Niki stops the car and begins digging. However, other bodies are already buried there.

One Giant Leap

The map has led Niki to discover other dead bodies, and a telltale ring.

Better Halves

Jessica confesses, among other things, that she made the map and left it so Niki could bury the thugs in the same spot that D.L.'s crew was already buried.


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