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Nathan's files

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Nathan's files
Nathan's Files.jpg
The President reads the files.

First mentioned: Dual
Owned by: Nathan Petrelli
Current status: In The President's possession

Nathan presents some files to The President which contain information about evolved human targets.



Nathan meets with the President in a limousine in Washington, DC. Nathan tells the President that their only option is to get the U.S. government involved, while the President looks through files on Tracy, Micah, Mohinder, Matt, and Hiro.

Shades of Gray

Danko opens up the Petrelli family folder, and focuses his concern on the matriarch, Angela Petrelli.



Tracy Strauss

Micah Sanders

Mohinder Suresh

Matt Parkman

Hiro Nakamura

Angela Petrelli

See Also

  • For a picture gallery of identified evolved humans, see targets.

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